Saturday, November 30, 2013

What Utena Means to Me

So, from the results of last week's post it looks like the demand is for episode analysis.  Unfortunately, I have a research paper due soon so the episode analysis will have to begin after that.  No worries though, I'm almost done with the semester.  The episode analysis is really going to take some sit down time.  I have most of the movie written out in a journal, but the episode analysis is something I really want to sit down and put more than just a few sentences out.  Any Utena fan knows that it needs more than that.  In the meantime while I work on my research paper (it's about how Common Core kindergarten standards do not build a successful foundation for academic learning, not Utena) I will entertain you all with some random ramblings about Utena.
Today's rambling: What Utena Means to Me
Utena is a visual form of Hotel New Hampshire to me.  Utena, like Hotel New Hampshire, came into my life at just the perfect time that I was ready for both of them.  These two things took everything that I thought I knew, grabbed it, shook it around, and kicked it a little.  
My favorite thing, it really makes you think.  It doesn't at the start.  At the start you just go with the flow.  Then stuff starts happening.  Then you have to start reading in between the lines or the show just appears as nonsense.  Analyze it. 
And there are NO CHEATS.  There is nothing printed really on what means what in that show.  Ikuhara isn't giving up that information anytime soon.  Or does he in the blu-ray release?  I can't imagine so...
In the short, I love Utena because it was highly influential and it makes me think. 


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