Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Working Song

Work isn't exactly the most pleasant experience for some people.  You drag yourself out of your comfortable bed and have to do things for people, many times without thanks or appreciation.
They say if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.
This can be true but if you aren't in supportive work environment, you probably aren't seeing this.
Where I work now is probably the first supportive and positive work environment that I've been with since I worked with Hotlanta Wings ten years ago.
What was so wrong with my past environments?  I won't call out any employers in particular, I'll just say what the negatives were and we'll all move on.
One environment, the store mananger ended up being arrested for theft among other things.
One environment, refused to work around my academic schedule.
One environment, never paid me any attention and would mark me down for things other staff members did.
Seriously, one evaluation I was told that I should consider dressing up for my themes more often.  If you haven't seen what I wear for work, then you might not understand how STUPID of a comment that really was.

This is the first environment where people take notice of me, what I contribute, and what I do.  They take the time to thank me for my time and energy.
I know that I've signed in for a fairly thankless job.  My greatest paycheck is the smiles on the faces of my students.  That still gives no supervisor the right to take me for granted.  I am thankful every day to now be in the employment of people that value and appreciate my strengths.


Jamie Kitchens said...

That's a lovely sentiment, Megan.

Megan Pope said...

Thank you, Jamie. I'm really glad to find a place that notices the love that I put into what I do. :)

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