Wednesday, November 20, 2013


CD-MA1 – The child will organize, represent and build knowledge of number and quantity.
CD-MA1.4b Recognizes numerals and uses counting as part of play and as a means for determining quantity.
WSO: Shows beginning understanding of number and quantity.

Activities: Old Mother Hubbard.  (original source)  In this game, students roll the dice and count out the appropriate number of treats in their puppy's dish.  This game can be used with seeds in a pot or reworked using any combination of items.

Counting manipulatives.  Did I lose you on that big word there?  Manipulatives are counters.  They can be bear counters, bug counters, dinosaur counters. (Lakeshore catalouge of counters)  

Non-standard measuring.  Don't look scared, it's more simply and enjoyable than you think!  Take pancake cut-outs to measure students.  Use laminated feet for students to count the steps from reading to writing.  

Books: Over in the Meadow by Ezra Jack Keats 
Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker
One, Two, Three by Tom Slaughter 

Why didn't I focus on recognizing numerals?  If you visit the GELDS website and pull up this indicator, you will notice that the recommended activities and video focus on counting.  The following indicator (CD-MA1.4c) focuses on counting paired with numeral recognition, by their definition.  
Don't blame me.  I didn't write the GELDS, I'm just trying to help clear them up a bit.


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