Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Back to work!  Today is all in the classroom and some meetings while yesterday was all learning!  There were so many wonderful points to listen to and note.  New ideas for the classroom and to implement at home too!  I'll post pictures and details of these new things once I've made them.
One thing that I don't need to take a picture of to talk about is our positive phone calls.  I love the idea of positive phone calls.  I wish more teachers did them.  How we do positive phone calls is that the first telephone communications that we have with parents are just a sweet call to talk about everything awesome about their child.  The positive phone calls don't have to stop there but are wonderful to make periodically throughout the year as well!  I think positive phone calls are the best. 

Oh, the QTIP thing?  We all had q-tips waiting for us when we came in.  It's to remind us to: Quit Taking IPersonally.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From Puppies to Pirates

Last year was the first time in many that I was lucky enough to be able to decorate the outside of my classroom's door.  When I first started working with this head teacher, she had a vision.  A vision of a puppy door, but was in a panic to get it accomplished in time for meet and greet.
"No problem,"  I said.  "Don't worry, it'll be fine."
And in to work I went to create a puppy.

Now, I must mention about this puppy, we're the first classroom at the opening of the hallway for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms.  All of these children pass by this puppy to go to class in the morning, to the library, to the gym, to the office, to the playground, ANYWHERE.  Anywhere the children had to go, they had to pass this three-dimensional temptation.  Even the tails points to the fire alarm switch of temptation.
Shockingly enough, this puppy was still standing until I tore it down in March to make my Lorax scene.  The children left it.  The teachers and other paraprofessionals worked with their students on leaving it alone and they did it.  The children loved seeing that puppy and they let it be.  Even students who lost their cool never hurt our puppy.  Now, that electric outlet down there I think found home to a dinosaur by one of the students at the end of the year.. But our puppy was never once harmed.

This year, we've moved from puppies to pirates!
Both of these doors only took less than a day to put up.  It might be hard to see, but we're actually working on putting beads in this pirate's hair.  I know our class list will be "Our Scurvy Crew" but we're also taking suggestions on a welcoming message the pirate could have written in a speech bubble next to the door.  "We ARGH Ready for School" or something of the sort.  I saw a cute one about the "Learning the 3 ARGH's" but we're a pre-kindergarten class ssssssoooooo.....  "Ahoy, Welcome to the Crew!"?  

And then something like this outside the door as well.  I love my job. 

Magic School Bus

Did you ever want your teacher to be Ms. Frizzle?
If you say no, then you never read or saw an episode of the Magic School Bus.  Anyone who's seen the show at some point wishes her as a teacher.  She was fun, you always went on field trips, and she didn't really teach.
Well, you thought she never really taught.  I've seen the start of books where kids were bringing in homework, projects, and preparing for quizzes so there was teaching.  Even what we witness in the books and show is a type of approach to learning.  It looks like project approach to me, but from what I've studied so far that's a more common approach for social studies.  The children are guiding the teacher as they explore through life experience topics of relevant interest to them.  

What teacher doesn't want to be Ms. Frizzle?
From her dress to the funding to gather a magic school bus to the expediency of which field trips are approved to her class size.  She's got it rolling over there. She's got a great attitude and has mastered the art of guiding learning without directing the classroom.  It sounds weird, but that's a great style for early learning environments.

Reading and watching these as a mother and an educator now, they still hold up to what they once were.  Unlike my childhood-self, I can see now where Ms. Frizzle's teaching styles can actually function within a real classroom setting;minus magical field trips... Or is that what our imagination is for?  With smart boards and other such technology assisting us, we can virtual tour almost anything!  We live in an age where we CAN be Ms. Frizzle.

....I think I want to decorate the white board to look like a magic school bus to house the smart board.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Diaper Cake

I love making a good diaper cake.  I thought with this upcoming baby shower that I might try a diaper caterpillar or train but after being asked by the expecting daddy if I would make a diaper cake.. Well, it's like getting expecting parents something not on their registry.  They asked for diaper cake and I'm more than happy to deliver that to them.
My bestest friend went in on helping to supply things to the diaper cake so that it could be really nice but didn't break the bank for either of us.  
First, the prize center.  I love this part the most.  It's like opening a present because there's always something neat inside.  This base item gives you something to build around so that you aren't trying to hold up a million diapers to each other for the base.  My last diaper cake had the lavender bedtime bath set of lotion, shampoo, and powder.  SPOILERS: this one has three hooded towels inside.

Then you roll and roll and roll diapers then band them all together.  And you keep going!

And you cover it in layers of diaperness.  I found a super cute "diamond" teether ring/rattle that I had to have to top this bad boy off.

Oh no!  The expecting momma is worried about not having enough diapers?  Throw some diaper towers up and decorate this pile of awesome!


Saturday, July 27, 2013


You all helped me get past my high school graduation year in page views.  Thanks guys!  You've been sticking with me and my nonsense.  As a special treat; MORE NONSENSE!

Last week's duel was between Kyouichi Saionji and Arisugawa Juri.  The slow and strong stride of the kendo team captain was nothing compared to the swiftness, agility, and ferocity of the fencing team captain.  Green rose petals fell as Saionji fails to move on to the next round.
Round 1, Duel 2:
Kiryuu Nanami versus Kaoru Miki

Kiryuu Nanami is the younger sister of the student council president with a brother complex.  Miki is a student council member, a brilliant student, and piano composer.  Nanami's preferred weapons are the scimitar (main) paired with a dagger.  Miki's preffered weapon is the épée.  Who will progress to Round 2?  
Poll is open until next Saturday when the victor will be announced and the next set of opponents is unveiled.

Friday, July 26, 2013


SURPRISE!  You've got a poisonous relationship in your life!
Turn to page 34 to realize they don't matter OR Turn to page 78 to remove the poison from your life.

Toxic people don't realize how they poison the lives of others and are left wondering why people limit their interactions with them.  Oh, and then there's always the fun advice of "just don't let it get to you."  Yeah, I can do that with a lot of people.  Some people it shouldn't surprise or get to me anymore, then I get the mixed feeling of "it's doesn't bother me"/"WHY?!"
OHOHOH!  The ultra-fun advice of "address them so that you can peacefully move on."  Huh?  They're toxic, what makes you think moving on after addressing them is going to be peaceful in any shape?
The important thing I think when you have those Toxic people that aren't going to change and aren't easily separated from your life: focus on the people who do support you.
And those people that are toxic to you but CAN be easily removed from your life.  KICK 'EM OUT OF IT!
Not that anyone who gives you any sort of constructive criticism is toxic, but spend time with people who support you, love you, and want to raise you to higher levels instead of those people that want to break you, hate you, and lower you down.  I mean, holy wow, prolonged stress can kill cells in the hippocampus, a brain area critical for memory.  Save your hippos!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

App Spotlight


The price: Free!  I do like free apps

The category:  Social Networking (or my file for it is just simply Social).  This app sits in between my Google+ and Pinterest.

The rundown: User-friendly app allows you to share status updates, check-in places, share what you're watching, listening to, or reading, and upload pictures with filter fun options like Instagram while allowing you to spread your path update to your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and tumblr accounts.  My favorite feature is the sleeping button.  You tap it when you go to bed and then tap it again when you wake up in the morning.  It gives you cute things when you fall asleep like "Watch out for werewolves" and "Time to make donuts!" when you wake up.  

Overall:  User-friendly and a 150 friend limit, you can post and interact with people that are near and dear to you.  I personally hope this social network catches more people, it's my favorite yet!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Conditioning Wildlife

After posting about bees, one of my awesome friends began to notice something funky with the wildlife around her.  The animals' behaviors began to appear conditioned towards expectations of human assistance rather than independent survival.
Example behavior: hummingbird searching porch for hummingbird feeder instead if searching flowers.
Okay, here's to hoping there was some form of sugar left on the porch that the rain turned into hummingbird feed.  You can actually find seed kits at places like target to your everyday garden center that have a blend of seeds to grow butterfly and hummingbird gardens.  This gives you a visually stunning garden spot and brings the wildlife to you without conditioning them to expect sustenance from feeders.
Example behavior: ducks that just walk up the street in winter because they've never witnessed migration.
I dunno, our local weather usually keeps fairly warm.  This past winter, I had a duck try and enter my car to escape the winter cold.  Sorry ducks, I don't know what to do for you.

Are we conditioning local wildlife or is this more of a symbiotic relationship?  I'm no wildlife expert.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Friendship Bracelets

Using the tutorial found here, my daughter and I are making friendship bracelets for all of her new friends when she starts kindergarten!

I'm thinking to make some for the students in my classroom as well but we'll see how I feel after making about thirty and go from there.  I really like how they're turning out.  My daughter has been packing each finished bracelet in her new bookbag that she and her Nana picked out.  
It's exciting helping my own little girl get ready for kindergarten this summer.  I was a bit shocked when school ended and she had no interest in moving up from pre-k.  As the summer has worn on and we've discussed the transition more, she's become more excited for the upcoming changes.  Even when we discovered that one of her best school friends had moved and won't be attending her school anymore, she was very rational about it. "I'll still have Byron and Paulina and my new friends."

Update! Finished 27 to take in! 25 for her classmates and two for her teachers.  Printable found here.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

End of the World

You've just received a letter from End of the World.
The duels will begin soon.

Each Saturday, two duelists will be posted to face off against each other.  Based on popular vote done in this post, one duelist will arise victorious to make it to the next round.  Smash the world's shell, for the revolution of the world!
Round 1, Duel 1:
Kyouichi Saionji versus Arisugawa Juri

For those of you unfamiliar, Saionji is the vice president of the student council and captain of the kendo team.  Juri is another student council member and captain of the fencing team.  Which of these two will progress to Round 2?

Friday, July 19, 2013

App Spotlight


The price: Free!  What you get from this app can make you wonder why you don't have to buy it.

The category: Travel.  Mine sits in the first slot of the travel category only next to Maps.  This app is more than going on vacation but for weekly use as well.

The rundown: Definitely allow this app to access your location because it sorts out not only where the closest gas station can be found, but can also sort these locations by cheapest price!  Nice for filling up the tank without breaking your bank.  You can click on the gas station to get all of the details. Is it open 24/7? Is it also a convenience store? Cash wash?  
Get to the gas station and see the price is cheaper than listed?  There's an option to report prices to contribute to up-to-the-minute gas price knowledge.  When you report a price, you earn tickets.  Tickets can be used to enter raffles to win free gas cards!

Overall:  User-friendly, this useful app can help you save a couple bucks while providing an awesome incentive to keep gas prices current and up-to-date.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Most Time Five

1) My husband.  He's witty, charming, and caring.  He's got a great sense of humor that always gives me giggles.  He never quits and sees things through to the end.  He's always there and ready to lend a hand to a friend in need.
2) My best male friend.  He's smart, he's clever, and ingenious.  The only person I know who uses a jacket as potholders because he can figure a solution to any problem presented to him.
3) His best friend.  Joyful, positive, and upbeat.  I don't think I've ever heard him utter a cross word and mean it.  His smile is contagious and can easily make you feel better about life.  
4) My best female friend.  She's driven, genuine, and strong.  She's no holds barred and keeps pushing forward towards her wants and goals.
5) Her boyfriend.  Witty, generous, and caring.  I want to say he's gentle too but he tends to stiffen up at that.  He's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet and I'm glad to have a guy like that being there for my best girl.

There's one more member of our happy tribe that if I didn't include on the list which would be our group daughter; Smashley.  She makes us all a family.  She's a mix of our wit, intellect, caring, and strength.  

I love these guys so much and everything they bring to my life.  They round me out, they keep me complete, and they know me better than anyone else out there.  They know my favorites without having to be reminded, they know my deepest fears and upsets without judging me, and they make me a better person.  They lift me when I'm down and I'd do anything for them.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Beach

Ran away to the beach!  My daughter and I dramatically raced to the beach to bring one of her friends their nebulizer which had been left behind.  They were over three hours away so OH NO! We had to stay the night and swim and sail.  

Somehow, we made the best of it.

Summer Work

First day back in the classroom since May 10.  It still seems unreal to me.  I love every minute of working there.
I won't deny it. When I started working last summer I was strangely intimidated.  Not about my actual job, that part I had been doing for over eight years at that point.  Intimidated with my new work environment.  I hadn't been in a new work environment in eight years!  New administrators.  New coworkers.  New classroom.  Just so much new to find myself and fit into.
This year, while I might have worked in that classroom last year, it's still new walking in.  Not new like last year but new as in walking in and actually knowing where I fit and my plan of attack.  It's like walking into an old room that's been repainted.  Same room.  Brighter impression.
Last year was awesome but this year will be even better now that I've no how to stand there.  Best job ever.
The saying really is true, do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Art Contest

I'm looking into hosting an art contest for my fictional short story blog; Dragon's Wife.  The idea will be to draw any of characters from any of the scenes.  I don't know yet where I'll host this exactly; deviantart or Facebook or photobucket OR Instagram?.  I have the top three prizes picked out (or maybe just one prize in case there's not a large response).  I debate on using the Facebook option.  Should I make a blog Facebook page for this to happen on then?
I'm really leaning towards people sharing their works via photobucket.  What do my readers think of this matter?  Feedback greatly appreciated for this.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Silent Auction

I love going to the Museum of Aviation's silent auction and raffle each summer.  Dress nice, see neat things, network cool people, open bar, and free food makes the whole night a hoot!  I've never won anything in the auctioning or the raffle but a nice evening out.
Last year, I noticed that it is starting to change.  Some people have always brought their children.  That's cool, I won't.  It's crowded and there's an open bar.  My daughter won't be in attendance.  Then there's the clothing change.  People have started coming in jeans and t-shirts.  This is a silent auction, not Walmart!
Some of us would like an evening of networking and dressing pretty.  Don't ruin it with your crocs.  Yes, I'm judging the people coming in dressed like that and I'll be darned if you'll see me do it.  I won't even let my husband downgrade to a three-button shirt, full-button and tie or go home.
This is why middle Georgia doesn't get nice things people.
Some of us that live here would actually love it if someplace hosted a charity ball or masquerade.  Something fancy.  Why can't we have that?  If we can't even treat the Taste of Warner Robins merged with an auction and raffle nicely then how can we ever expect to be given something pretty like a ball?  
Come on people.  It can't be that much a pain to put on a nice shirt, slacks, and shoes.  I understand that the Museum of Aviation staff isn't going to turn people away for making poor dress decisions because those people could contribute so much money in the silent auction.  That's why it is up to you people attending to actually be self-motivated enough to dress yourself appropriately.

Someone organize a charity ball please.  I would attend and I know many others.
Now I'm off to get my elf beautified for the auction tonight.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Nanami Cow

Something that you should know about me: I friggin love Utena!  I'll watch it so many times I'm stupid about this show.  Anyway, so for years I've always thought the idea as dressing like Nanami from the episode "Cowbell of Happiness" would be awesome for Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-Fil-A.
Nanami is your typical spoiled popular girl and a party she threw was "spoiled" by another character coming in wearing designer jewelry given to her when Nanami receives a Sebastian Dior cowbell that she refuses to take off to show how awesome she is.  It turns out, it's really a Cowstian Dior cowbell for another character's cow (also named Nanami).  Her stubbornness turns her into a cow.  It's kinda of like that old tale that if you make a silly face that it will freeze that way but SERIOUSLY exaggerated.  At one point in the show, she even starts wearing gym clothes in more of a cow design which is what I went with for Cow Appreciation Day. 

Has it been done? Yes, but not that I know of for Cow Appreciation Day. 
While my cowbell might now be Cowstain Dior, I'm pretty content with the end result.  I didn't bother with bleaching my hair to match Nanami, but it was a fun project nonetheless.  Now instead of thinking about doing this, I've got it on hand.  Maybe I'll keep adjusting it to perfection over the years.  It maybe that I'll just leave it be.  Point is, I did it.

UPDATE: Please vote for us in the Chick-Fil-A Cow Contest.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

App Spotlight

The Room

The price: $1.99 but totally worth it.  You can download the first room for free but it's a good hook in.  You'll want to buy it after you finish what the free gives you.

The category: Games.  Mine sits in between Snood and Words Free.  

The rundown: Okay, it's a puzzle game which I'm a huge sucker for those but it's got a little something more. Creepy sound effects, eery music and the mystic/murderous theme to the clues and story bits in the puzzle.  You're never really frustrated with the puzzles either, though some provide real challenge.  Everything can be poked, turned, twisted, and flipped.  It's just a matter of finding what needs to be done how and then, wow. It's amazing how such a simple game could give me jitters and shivers. 

Overall:  I can't wait until they put out more for it (which they are working on, don't despair).  Play this thing late at night in a room by yourself.  Just for added fun. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Don't Step on a Bee Day!

No, I'm not making this up.  This is for real so open the good wine and celebrate!  Or choose your own way to celebrate Don't Step on a Bee Day.  No one's judging you.
Don’t Step On A Bee Day is an important reminder that the fate of the common bee lies in the balance – with bee numbers in some countries having halved in the last decade with no apparent cause, it’s vital that we take care to maintain bee populations, pollination and honey production.  That's huge deal stuff right there!  You don't have to be a fan of bees to want to save them.  Heck, you can be allergic to bees in which case:  SERIOUSLY DON'T STEP ON THEM!

Fun Facts About Bees!

  • Honeybees have hair on their eyes to help keep their eyeballs clean. The hair catches dirt and pollen.
  • A single bee can collect enough nectar to make 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey.
  • Bees make honey to feed their young and so they have something to eat during the winter.
  • Bees see all colors except the color red.
  • Unlike honeybees and killer bees, bumblebees and carpenter bees can sting more than once because their stingers are smooth and do not get caught in the skin when they fly away.
  • Carpenter bees can drill into almost any wood, but prefer bare wood, so painting and staining wood can sometimes deter them.
  • Even though they are called "Killer" bees, their venom is no more dangerous than regular honeybees. Their attacks are more harmful because they tend to attack in greater numbers, increasing your chance of having a severe allergic reaction to the venom released when they sting you. 
These facts and more can be found at PestWorld for Kids.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Acknowledge Tattling

Okay, before I start into this let me begin with I AM NOT PERFECT!  I used to try and squish out tattling in my classroom with Tattle Trees and items of the like that students told problems to.  What I'm about to go into is why I don't do that anymore.
Around the age of three-five children are beginning to lose so much of their egocentric focus and begin looking at what other people are doing.  They know by know what the expectations are for them from you so when they see something that does not fall into those expectations, they feel the need to share this with you.  
To quote "Advisor Tip: Learning something new is exciting to a child. When your child shares a new fact or asks questions about a recent topic of study, acknowledge and praise the enthusiasm. Take the time to discuss what your child finds interesting. Positive and encouraging language will empower your child to learn more and will create a positive attitude towards learning."  
What many people identify as the "tattling" that they don't want to hear are things that your child feel is important to share with you. Take the time to thank them for sharing information with you and also take the time to explain why that behavior might be okay so that they don't feel the need to "tattle" next time. When they "tattle" they are sharing something that they feel could be important.
It is difficult for young children to realize the difference between tattling and sharing something important because to them, it is all important.  They feel that this is something important enough to come to you and discuss.  We sometimes feel as teachers and parents that children are purposefully trying to get another child in trouble with tattling.  This is not always the case.  They just want their information to be shared, acknowledged, and learn how to cope with this new information.
While, yes, I might still hear the occasional "I'm going to go tell Ms. Megan!" Which I don't see so much as tattling but as attempts to get someone in trouble.  When I hear this simple phrase yelled across the room, I will wait until our little birdie flies her way to me, sit down to her level, and discuss with her about what she felt was wrong that she needed to share with me and that she couldn't tell the person how to fix their behavior.  I like for my students to be able to build the skills to self-correct but also to be considerate enough to help nudge a wanderer back on the right path.
The best way to break "tattling" is just by talking about why the behaviors they are sharing with you are alright or help walk them through problem-solving strategies to be better prepared to handle the situation independently next time.  In my years, I have heard "tattling" stories of all kinds from the every popular "HE'S NOT SHARING!" to the unusual "She won't let me put the crayon in my nose!"  Look, if that last one isn't a clear demonstration that this child obviously needs just a few minutes of discussion and guidance, I don't know what else would.
Two things that hurt more than help tattling: ignoring and assuming.  While the ever popular "if you aren't broken or bleeding" is great once children have a firmer grasp on the idea that everyone's a little different, at the beginning of this phase it isn't very helpful.  Again, these children are in the middle of new learning opportunities when they come to share this information (even if it has a whining sound to it).  Just take a few moments to help them learn.  You'll find that they won't be running back to you in five minutes to tell you the same thing because now they know!  Now it makes sense why Sally won't let you put rocks in your ears.  She's trying to make sure I don't have to go to the hospital to get those things out!
Assuming breaks my heart.  Assuming happens when teachers or parents just assume that whatever this three to five year old has just said is true.  Not saying it isn't, but sometimes they don't know exactly how to phrase or might not be fully aware of situations before they tell.  Let's say, my daughter knows that she isn't allowed to watch certain programs but she walks into her friend's room for a playdate and she's watching the forbidden cartoon!  She might run and say "Bessy's watching something she's not supposed to!"  An adult who assumes would then proceed to have Bessy in trouble even though Bessy did nothing incorrect by the rules of her household.  That's a learning moment more for my daughter to say "I know we don't watch that in our house, but Bessy's parents said that's okay for her."  Now she knows.  Now I won't hear anything about it in two seconds when my daughter runs back in and Bessy's still watching it.  That's part of learning that we're all different.  Not only might we all look a little different, but we all behave a little differently too.
Well, what about the children who lie to get other children in trouble?  That's a whole different seed there baby.  Again, not tattling.  That's lying.  Having the little girl from the reading area to come crying about how Bobby (who's been in blocks for the last 20 minutes) just stepped on her fingers.  Okay, this one actually requires something absolutely mind-blowing for this.  Are you ready?  OBSERVATION!  Seriously, if you're paying attention and watching the children under your care (be you parent, nanny, or teacher.. DOESN'T MATTER) then you will know that Bessy's doing one of two things; lying or telling you something from four weeks ago.  I kid you not, I've actually had a student two hours into the school day have a breakdown because of something his brother said at breakfast that morning.  In observing, you'll be able to address your little miss on lying or helping her to cope with the fact that while yes, Bobby stepped on her fingers four weeks ago and you're sorry that this still has her upset.
Oh, and number one reason I don't like to deny communications like this with younger children is that I want them to feel that they can openly communicate anything with me.  When they run to me to tell me these things, they're telling me that they trust me.  They trust me to provide them with help and answers to things that they cannot understand.  They feel that they can come and talk to me without judgement.  Especially with my daughter, who I want to be able to come and talk openly about things that might bother, upset, or confuse her thus keeping the lines of communication open helps me to better know and understand what is going on in my child's life.

But again, we're all a little different.  No one says you have to live or teach like I do.  I'm Telling! has a wonderful breakdown on what commonly motivates children to "tattle".

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book Review: Suck Your Stomach In & Put Some Color On!

Title: Suck Your Stomach In & Put Some Color On! (What Southern Mama's Tell Their Daughters That the Rest of Y'all Should Know Too)

Author: Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Category: Self-Help

 Summary: "In this humorous, feisty guide to life, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, host of All Things Southern, reveals the all-important lessons Southern Mamas teach their daughters.  Readers will discover why low-rise jeans are trashy and learn to interpret regional dialect like the Southern Mama APB, a bulletin translated on Southern streets as "Give your heart to Jesus, girl, because your butt is all mine!"  Shellie carefully breaks down the teachings behind those famous manners and social graces through her firsthand observations and dry wit.  Here's everything you need to know from coping with the unexpected, competing in the Mr. Right Game Show, and raising children - to how to keep that marriage knot tied tight over time.  Chock-full of Southern wit and wisdom, woven with quotes from real Southern Mamas, and sprinkled with recipes and other Southern secrets, this book's a bona fide celebration of all things south of the Mason-Dixon Line."

Favorite quote:   "When a single woman is pregnant and doesn't want to be, she has no good options left.  It doesn't matter if she's fourteen or forty.  She can have an abortion and live with that; give the baby up for adoption and always wonder; or try to raise the child alone." (Liz Fisher)

The review: Okay, back of book; No.  No.  Wrong.  Shellie does not break anything down about these teachings in anything less than an Amelia Bedelia literal translation.  She rarely actually pulls into the true meaning of a statement.  Maybe that's the dry wit part.  Maybe I don't get this book because I'm not a true southern gal.  Maybe I don't get this book because it's written for an older generation of southern woman.  Or maybe, the author didn't do so well at whatever it was that she was trying to accomplish in this book.  There's recipes in this book and not a one that I'd actually cook.  The sidebar quotes from people are great.  More of those and less Shellie next time.  

Would I recommend this book for read: No.  If you'd like to read a self-help with tidbits on raising children, try Growing Up by Marilyn vos Savant.

Friday, July 5, 2013

App Spotlight

One of my best friends has recently wandered into the world of smartphones.  As he slowly works on learning this new technology from his previous flip phone stylings (ignoring the fact that he's had an iPod all of this time), I'll do some app reviews here and there of a few of my favored apps beginning with urbanspoon.

The price: free!  I love free apps.  

The category: The store says Food & Drink but I have it in a folder labeled Health next to webmd(why do i keep this?) and better homes & gardens recipes.

The rundown: Don't know what you want to eat? Pull it up, hit the shake button, and let the roulette wheel decide your dinner future.  I love the nearby future.  Going off to various teacher trainings in various locations, I don't really always know what is nearby to grab for lunch.  The nearby button grabs all of the food joints and tosses them at me from closest to furthest.  So when my trainer says we're about to have a lunch break, I can choose from this list instead of just driving and parking at the first place I find. 

Overall: Love it!  Download it!  Great dining out tool to keep in your pocket. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Common Misconceptions (About Me)

I've noticed for a while now, that my likes and what people see are two different things.  How this came to be, I'm not entirely sure.  I think it's extraordinarily interesting to see the difference.  It's not bad that people have interpreted these from me, it's kind of flattering how they are too unsure to ask me my favorite anything and would rather assume that they know me.  Is it because they're intimidated?  Is it because they truly think these are true?  Some of it probably is perception, because they see me with a particular object, they perceive it to be my "favorite."

1: My favorite food is bacon.
False.  My favorite foods are shrimp, crab, and unagi.  I say unagi because I don't really know if I like freshwater eel prepared any of other way but unagi is just right, yes.  How did this misconception happen?  Probably because of the frequency that I eat bacon compared to my favorite foods.  Why do I eat bacon more?  It's cheaper to buy a pound of bacon than seafood.  If you go out to dinner with me enough, you'd know that the first thing I look for on the menu is something involving either shrimp or crab.

2. My favorite animal is an owl or a frog.
I'm really not sure at all how that happened. My mother-in-law gave me an awesome watch necklace because I desperately love clock necklaces since I used to wear my mom's old wind-up clock necklace forever ago.  They're wicked awesome.  Anyway, the one my mother-in-law bought happened to be an owl so people started thinking my favorite animal is an owl.  I don't hate the owl, but I just loved the watch necklace.
As far as frogs, my dad and brother collect frogs.  My parent's Christmas tree is decorated with over 400 frog ornaments.  When you see me stop and check out some frog stuff, it's not for me.  I'm just aware of the interest and collections of others to search for appropriate gifts.  My favorite animals are snakes, rats, and lemurs.

3. My favorite colors are blue and black.
I think this comes more from my clothes because I wear a lot of blue tops and black bottoms.  While I do enjoy the color teal, my top favorite color is bright and bold canary yellow.  Why don't I wear it often?  I don't know many people that yellow does flatter, do you?

4. I like Hello Kitty.
My daughter enjoys Hello Kitty.  I don't mind watching it or anything but she's not my favorite.  I think it's the common "it's Japanese-ish and you watch anime so therefor you like it."  Um, yes except for no.  I do LOVE Barbie and Disney to the point that I can bring myself to tears in conversation about them.  Sure, keep buying Hello Kitty for my daughter but none for me please.

5. I love to celebrate myself.
Um, whoa, really?  That's horribly tacky right there.  While I do love to have any reason in the world to celebrate, I do NOT like to celebrate myself.  You don't plan your own bridal shower, baby shower, or congratulatory parties.  Those are things that people who are close to you and care about you plan for.  While I might not have had anyone throw me a baby shower, a friend of mine helped me to plan a Welcome to the World party for my daughter.  With my recent graduation, I've actually had people to ask me if I'm throwing myself a party.  Really?  No.  And I'm not forcing anyone to celebrate that doesn't think it is worth even breathing the words "congratulation" or any variants of.

6. I love pirates.  
Okay, um, this is more of a weird timing thing than anything I suppose.  Not saying that I hate pirates, pirates are nifty and all but I actually don't go seeking out pirate paraphernalia or attending pirate events.  Yes, I've attended a fair share of pirate events and those were fun.  Yes, I have a pirate costume at the ready but I have many costumes.  Yes, when I go somewhere pirates tend to be involved but that's totally unplanned!  I don't mean to have a pirate life, it just simply happens that way.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Northern Spirits

So, I've got some really awesome friends that are pushing their business dreams forward.  Today's gal was my mentor when she lived here in the humid south.  Helped me to actually pin down what a recurring dream was trying to tell me that I was always too close to figure out myself.  Now she's off and opening her own store, available online for all to stop in and shop.

Northern Spirits
Who's it for: New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, Scryers

Whatcha selling: Okay, over 6000+ products from altar materials to tarot decks, amulets to candles, pendulums to steampunk, incense to oils.  A serious supply to meet various needs. 

Favorite site feature: New products for current month feature on home page.  It's like I'm being teased with newly added products.  

Monday, July 1, 2013

It Simply Wasn't Meant To Be

I don't know for how long I've heard that among the women in my family, but I do know when it first had meaning to me.  The first time that it carried any meaning for me was when it came to yard sales.  Found something but didn't have enough money on hand?  It simply wasn't meant to be.
It wasn't that you asked the person to hold it for you and run and get more.  That isn't how things work.  It just simply wasn't meant to be.
Maybe this was something simply said to deter a child from buying random things but even some items that we might have been really looking for could even apply to this.  I personally find it to be a wonderful philosophy and am glad to have had it founded well within me.  You can never feel entitled to anything, or get upset when things don't roll your way.  They just simply weren't meant to be.
Now, don't go applying the yard sale mentally of not calling your name down on some things.  By all means, work hard and bust your butt to reach your dreams.  You'll get there at your own rate.  If it doesn't happen on the first go-around, don't despair.  It simply wasn't meant to be.  
Keep trying and you'll get to where you are meant to be.
I think some people say: it just wasn't in the cards right now.  I personally don't feel that it carries the same amount of weight to it.  Maybe it is because I didn't grow up with that phrase the same way that I did the other.  
It's amazing how uplifting that phrase is to me.  It can really pull you through when something from that yard sale item to a dream home slips you by.  But it isn't just the words.  It's the strength of what they mean to me.  Because the women in my family built such strength and foundation of this phrase in me that it gives me the strength and comfort to keep moving forward after any defeat.  
It makes it all that more celebratory when things do fall into place after you work hard for it.  When it is meant to be it is wonderful to see where life pulls you next.
The women responsible.