Wednesday, July 10, 2013

App Spotlight

The Room

The price: $1.99 but totally worth it.  You can download the first room for free but it's a good hook in.  You'll want to buy it after you finish what the free gives you.

The category: Games.  Mine sits in between Snood and Words Free.  

The rundown: Okay, it's a puzzle game which I'm a huge sucker for those but it's got a little something more. Creepy sound effects, eery music and the mystic/murderous theme to the clues and story bits in the puzzle.  You're never really frustrated with the puzzles either, though some provide real challenge.  Everything can be poked, turned, twisted, and flipped.  It's just a matter of finding what needs to be done how and then, wow. It's amazing how such a simple game could give me jitters and shivers. 

Overall:  I can't wait until they put out more for it (which they are working on, don't despair).  Play this thing late at night in a room by yourself.  Just for added fun. 


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