Friday, July 19, 2013

App Spotlight


The price: Free!  What you get from this app can make you wonder why you don't have to buy it.

The category: Travel.  Mine sits in the first slot of the travel category only next to Maps.  This app is more than going on vacation but for weekly use as well.

The rundown: Definitely allow this app to access your location because it sorts out not only where the closest gas station can be found, but can also sort these locations by cheapest price!  Nice for filling up the tank without breaking your bank.  You can click on the gas station to get all of the details. Is it open 24/7? Is it also a convenience store? Cash wash?  
Get to the gas station and see the price is cheaper than listed?  There's an option to report prices to contribute to up-to-the-minute gas price knowledge.  When you report a price, you earn tickets.  Tickets can be used to enter raffles to win free gas cards!

Overall:  User-friendly, this useful app can help you save a couple bucks while providing an awesome incentive to keep gas prices current and up-to-date.


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