Thursday, July 4, 2013

Common Misconceptions (About Me)

I've noticed for a while now, that my likes and what people see are two different things.  How this came to be, I'm not entirely sure.  I think it's extraordinarily interesting to see the difference.  It's not bad that people have interpreted these from me, it's kind of flattering how they are too unsure to ask me my favorite anything and would rather assume that they know me.  Is it because they're intimidated?  Is it because they truly think these are true?  Some of it probably is perception, because they see me with a particular object, they perceive it to be my "favorite."

1: My favorite food is bacon.
False.  My favorite foods are shrimp, crab, and unagi.  I say unagi because I don't really know if I like freshwater eel prepared any of other way but unagi is just right, yes.  How did this misconception happen?  Probably because of the frequency that I eat bacon compared to my favorite foods.  Why do I eat bacon more?  It's cheaper to buy a pound of bacon than seafood.  If you go out to dinner with me enough, you'd know that the first thing I look for on the menu is something involving either shrimp or crab.

2. My favorite animal is an owl or a frog.
I'm really not sure at all how that happened. My mother-in-law gave me an awesome watch necklace because I desperately love clock necklaces since I used to wear my mom's old wind-up clock necklace forever ago.  They're wicked awesome.  Anyway, the one my mother-in-law bought happened to be an owl so people started thinking my favorite animal is an owl.  I don't hate the owl, but I just loved the watch necklace.
As far as frogs, my dad and brother collect frogs.  My parent's Christmas tree is decorated with over 400 frog ornaments.  When you see me stop and check out some frog stuff, it's not for me.  I'm just aware of the interest and collections of others to search for appropriate gifts.  My favorite animals are snakes, rats, and lemurs.

3. My favorite colors are blue and black.
I think this comes more from my clothes because I wear a lot of blue tops and black bottoms.  While I do enjoy the color teal, my top favorite color is bright and bold canary yellow.  Why don't I wear it often?  I don't know many people that yellow does flatter, do you?

4. I like Hello Kitty.
My daughter enjoys Hello Kitty.  I don't mind watching it or anything but she's not my favorite.  I think it's the common "it's Japanese-ish and you watch anime so therefor you like it."  Um, yes except for no.  I do LOVE Barbie and Disney to the point that I can bring myself to tears in conversation about them.  Sure, keep buying Hello Kitty for my daughter but none for me please.

5. I love to celebrate myself.
Um, whoa, really?  That's horribly tacky right there.  While I do love to have any reason in the world to celebrate, I do NOT like to celebrate myself.  You don't plan your own bridal shower, baby shower, or congratulatory parties.  Those are things that people who are close to you and care about you plan for.  While I might not have had anyone throw me a baby shower, a friend of mine helped me to plan a Welcome to the World party for my daughter.  With my recent graduation, I've actually had people to ask me if I'm throwing myself a party.  Really?  No.  And I'm not forcing anyone to celebrate that doesn't think it is worth even breathing the words "congratulation" or any variants of.

6. I love pirates.  
Okay, um, this is more of a weird timing thing than anything I suppose.  Not saying that I hate pirates, pirates are nifty and all but I actually don't go seeking out pirate paraphernalia or attending pirate events.  Yes, I've attended a fair share of pirate events and those were fun.  Yes, I have a pirate costume at the ready but I have many costumes.  Yes, when I go somewhere pirates tend to be involved but that's totally unplanned!  I don't mean to have a pirate life, it just simply happens that way.


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