Monday, July 22, 2013

Friendship Bracelets

Using the tutorial found here, my daughter and I are making friendship bracelets for all of her new friends when she starts kindergarten!

I'm thinking to make some for the students in my classroom as well but we'll see how I feel after making about thirty and go from there.  I really like how they're turning out.  My daughter has been packing each finished bracelet in her new bookbag that she and her Nana picked out.  
It's exciting helping my own little girl get ready for kindergarten this summer.  I was a bit shocked when school ended and she had no interest in moving up from pre-k.  As the summer has worn on and we've discussed the transition more, she's become more excited for the upcoming changes.  Even when we discovered that one of her best school friends had moved and won't be attending her school anymore, she was very rational about it. "I'll still have Byron and Paulina and my new friends."

Update! Finished 27 to take in! 25 for her classmates and two for her teachers.  Printable found here.


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