Saturday, July 27, 2013


You all helped me get past my high school graduation year in page views.  Thanks guys!  You've been sticking with me and my nonsense.  As a special treat; MORE NONSENSE!

Last week's duel was between Kyouichi Saionji and Arisugawa Juri.  The slow and strong stride of the kendo team captain was nothing compared to the swiftness, agility, and ferocity of the fencing team captain.  Green rose petals fell as Saionji fails to move on to the next round.
Round 1, Duel 2:
Kiryuu Nanami versus Kaoru Miki

Kiryuu Nanami is the younger sister of the student council president with a brother complex.  Miki is a student council member, a brilliant student, and piano composer.  Nanami's preferred weapons are the scimitar (main) paired with a dagger.  Miki's preffered weapon is the épée.  Who will progress to Round 2?  
Poll is open until next Saturday when the victor will be announced and the next set of opponents is unveiled.


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