Saturday, July 13, 2013

Silent Auction

I love going to the Museum of Aviation's silent auction and raffle each summer.  Dress nice, see neat things, network cool people, open bar, and free food makes the whole night a hoot!  I've never won anything in the auctioning or the raffle but a nice evening out.
Last year, I noticed that it is starting to change.  Some people have always brought their children.  That's cool, I won't.  It's crowded and there's an open bar.  My daughter won't be in attendance.  Then there's the clothing change.  People have started coming in jeans and t-shirts.  This is a silent auction, not Walmart!
Some of us would like an evening of networking and dressing pretty.  Don't ruin it with your crocs.  Yes, I'm judging the people coming in dressed like that and I'll be darned if you'll see me do it.  I won't even let my husband downgrade to a three-button shirt, full-button and tie or go home.
This is why middle Georgia doesn't get nice things people.
Some of us that live here would actually love it if someplace hosted a charity ball or masquerade.  Something fancy.  Why can't we have that?  If we can't even treat the Taste of Warner Robins merged with an auction and raffle nicely then how can we ever expect to be given something pretty like a ball?  
Come on people.  It can't be that much a pain to put on a nice shirt, slacks, and shoes.  I understand that the Museum of Aviation staff isn't going to turn people away for making poor dress decisions because those people could contribute so much money in the silent auction.  That's why it is up to you people attending to actually be self-motivated enough to dress yourself appropriately.

Someone organize a charity ball please.  I would attend and I know many others.
Now I'm off to get my elf beautified for the auction tonight.  


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