Friday, July 5, 2013

App Spotlight

One of my best friends has recently wandered into the world of smartphones.  As he slowly works on learning this new technology from his previous flip phone stylings (ignoring the fact that he's had an iPod all of this time), I'll do some app reviews here and there of a few of my favored apps beginning with urbanspoon.

The price: free!  I love free apps.  

The category: The store says Food & Drink but I have it in a folder labeled Health next to webmd(why do i keep this?) and better homes & gardens recipes.

The rundown: Don't know what you want to eat? Pull it up, hit the shake button, and let the roulette wheel decide your dinner future.  I love the nearby future.  Going off to various teacher trainings in various locations, I don't really always know what is nearby to grab for lunch.  The nearby button grabs all of the food joints and tosses them at me from closest to furthest.  So when my trainer says we're about to have a lunch break, I can choose from this list instead of just driving and parking at the first place I find. 

Overall: Love it!  Download it!  Great dining out tool to keep in your pocket. 


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