Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Back to work!  Today is all in the classroom and some meetings while yesterday was all learning!  There were so many wonderful points to listen to and note.  New ideas for the classroom and to implement at home too!  I'll post pictures and details of these new things once I've made them.
One thing that I don't need to take a picture of to talk about is our positive phone calls.  I love the idea of positive phone calls.  I wish more teachers did them.  How we do positive phone calls is that the first telephone communications that we have with parents are just a sweet call to talk about everything awesome about their child.  The positive phone calls don't have to stop there but are wonderful to make periodically throughout the year as well!  I think positive phone calls are the best. 

Oh, the QTIP thing?  We all had q-tips waiting for us when we came in.  It's to remind us to: Quit Taking IPersonally.


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