Monday, July 1, 2013

It Simply Wasn't Meant To Be

I don't know for how long I've heard that among the women in my family, but I do know when it first had meaning to me.  The first time that it carried any meaning for me was when it came to yard sales.  Found something but didn't have enough money on hand?  It simply wasn't meant to be.
It wasn't that you asked the person to hold it for you and run and get more.  That isn't how things work.  It just simply wasn't meant to be.
Maybe this was something simply said to deter a child from buying random things but even some items that we might have been really looking for could even apply to this.  I personally find it to be a wonderful philosophy and am glad to have had it founded well within me.  You can never feel entitled to anything, or get upset when things don't roll your way.  They just simply weren't meant to be.
Now, don't go applying the yard sale mentally of not calling your name down on some things.  By all means, work hard and bust your butt to reach your dreams.  You'll get there at your own rate.  If it doesn't happen on the first go-around, don't despair.  It simply wasn't meant to be.  
Keep trying and you'll get to where you are meant to be.
I think some people say: it just wasn't in the cards right now.  I personally don't feel that it carries the same amount of weight to it.  Maybe it is because I didn't grow up with that phrase the same way that I did the other.  
It's amazing how uplifting that phrase is to me.  It can really pull you through when something from that yard sale item to a dream home slips you by.  But it isn't just the words.  It's the strength of what they mean to me.  Because the women in my family built such strength and foundation of this phrase in me that it gives me the strength and comfort to keep moving forward after any defeat.  
It makes it all that more celebratory when things do fall into place after you work hard for it.  When it is meant to be it is wonderful to see where life pulls you next.
The women responsible.


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