Saturday, June 29, 2013

Clock Cues

Yesterday I mentioned making clock cues for my daughter. This is to help with building time recognition skills and ease up constant requests for snack at the same time.  While it isn't a full itinerary, our schedule does vary depending on summer camp, special events, and school.  I'm not making a pool time cue that I'll take down in two months.

I could have laminated these blank, then used sharpee to fill in the times and activities so that I could magic eraser that and change it as need, but I think in the beginning it is important to only have a few so that we aren't overwhelming her.  So far, she has been absolutely thrilled to find when her clock matches an activity to be able to tell what happens next.  It's also exciting for me to hear her full of excitement to announce it's time for something instead of constantly requesting that we do it.  Happiness for everyone!

We also looked through magazines for pictures to help represent each activity to  better illustrate what each time is as she is still in the pre-reading stage.  It would have been faster to have printed pictures of her doing each activity but I'm out of black ink and don't want to buy more just yet.  Poor excuse but she's not judging me.  So far we have found pictures for everything except bath and bed, but I'm sure a magazine might come in soon to provide that.  Or I'll buy ink and replace all of the pictures with her. 

Also helps that she has a loft bed so that she can be face-to-face with the clock instead of looking up to a wall clock.  She's never paid much attention to the clock before now but now we have to come look at it every second (because it has a second hand and "mommy come see it moved!").  
Our little girl has become obsessed with the clock now.  Stayed up a couple hours late, occasionally running out of her room to tell us what the clock was doing.  I added minute dots to also aid in correlating what the minute hand of the clock was reading to better help establish that.  Hurray for telling time! 


Virginia Bell said...

I must do this!!

In a few years, but I still must do this.

Ms. Megan said...

I think what also has strongly helped with this is that she helped and it wasn't always there. It's new and caught her eye to build the interest and attention to this. :)

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