Sunday, June 9, 2013

Prophetic Arts

So a while back, someone had asked me to paint a canvas piece for the pastor's birthday.  I had asked for what colors would be preferred for the base and she had requested that I take colors as I interpreted them from the holy scripture.  This is what I came up with:
I was going with the colors for purity, divine good, and the righteousness of god. I thought about red for our ever present sin for which Jesus died and such. Purple I associate too much with sinful pride but maybe that's me.  I like how the blue and yellow merged for a small amount of green for the natural beauty of the world.
So, the pastor got the end product yesterday and asked how I decided on the colors.  They told her that I had been tasked with interpreting the colors from the scripture and the pastor said that I must have a prophetic gift (thanks?).  

I'd love to feel flattered but I was FREAKING out about making this piece.  I messaged a good friend with excellent skills in artistic interpretation and double-checked my progress and decisions every step of the way before I ended up accidentally producing something that read "sin death famine" or something.

I'm very flattered by the compliment but I wanted nothing but this piece to right.  I'm kind of curious what all exactly demonstrated prophetic gift in my color choices but sometimes I think that it's better to not know. 



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