Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Midsummer!

Okay, so yesterday was kind of a big deal thing because -WOO-HOO - I completed my bachelor's program through Kendall College.  Some awesome people noticed and celebrated, some people questioned if it was real, and some people continued on with their lives unaware.  That's cool.  
I'm the kind of person that enjoys celebrating.  Rejoice, sing, praise, and go on.  I want to surprise my grandmother by seeing her in my old cap and gown.  I'm not walking for this diploma, but she has been asking me for months now about doing it.  I think it's a nifty way to announce it to her.  Maybe not everyone would agree.  

Look at that, no current courses and no future courses.  It was a long road, starting one class at a time then moving up to two and finally climbing to three to finish up with four courses in a single semester. 
Am I having a party?  No one I'm aware of is throwing me one.  
Do I want a graduation gift?  I'd love to get into a house.  This 1050 square feet has been outgrown for quite some time now.  
Thank you everyone who congratulated me yesterday.  People like you are what helped me push through it all. Thank you all for your constant love and support.  
Now on to the next step!


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