Sunday, June 23, 2013

MGA Con Meeting

So today I attended my very first convention meeting!  EXCITED!  So instead of just informally promoting the local convention, I am part of the convention team working to build a wonderful convention in Middle Georgia to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.  I am thrilled for this experience.  With how much promoting that I did for the local convention in February of this year, I know many of my friends actually believed that I was officially involved.  To be officially involved, on board, and part of the team has me absolutely thrilled.

If you're interested for more information about the convention, you can visit the facebook page or the convention website (still in process).
I think with all of the hard work and support from everyone on board and everyone that wishes success upon events such as this in the Middle Georgia area that no one should leave feeling any level of disappointment.  Everyone should feel excited for this, regardless if you are a convention goer or not.  Events such as this are wonderful for the community, economy, and so much more.  I know the February convention was short and small, which is opposite of the vision that we carry for this convention.  If anyone is interested in assisting in whatever way that they can to make this convention purely awesome; you can call, e-mail, or visit Heroes and Villains for more information.  Success comes from effort, any and all effort is appreciate as we reach towards success with this convention.
You don't have to attend meetings to offer assistance to the convention.  Call, email, or visit Heroes and Villains and let them know what you can do to aid the convention.  Want to volunteer a few hours?  Let us know.  Know an artist that would like to set up a table?  Let us know.  Know a vendor that would like to set up booth?  Let us know.  Want to be a booth babe?  Let us know.  Have a cousin that does voice acting for a popular Nickelodeon cartoon?  I'm looking at you, V.


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