Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Field Trips

Fridays are always a fun day to me.  During the school year, I like to make them into dress up days as a kind of celebration for making it through the week.  For example: Huzzah!  It's Friday and we learned all about woodsy animals!  Teddy Bear Picnic to celebrate!
It's the exciting things such as that which makes teaching pre-kindergarten such a joy.  Pre-k is so important in building a positive foundation for lifelong learning, so Fun Fridays are part of that process.
Now we're in summer, home all day.  Are you really exercising your fun as much as you should be?  Some of you might be, running off on vacations.  Some of you might be living in your pajamas for five days before you even think about getting cleaned up to visit the grocery store.
I've arranged for tours of local businesses for my daughter, myself, and our friends to go through.  We have so far been through a fire station, police station, and a local Children's Museum.  I did open this event to other parents in the Middle Georgia area through another Facebook group.  Why not share in the fun of touring local places with other people that did not leave town for summer?
But oh, what about behavioral concerns?  People I don't know coming in with children acting a hot mess, doesn't that reflect on me?  Yes.  Yes it does.  I am the contact person for these businesses.  One child climbing the furniture does not simply represent his mother (not that that has happened, knock on wood) but also represents me when I look to schedule another field trip with said business again.  While I have not had to require gathering signatures on a behavior contract, I have sent out behavioral guidelines.  I am so excited to actually utilize the behavioral guidelines during the school year for field trips!
                                                           download available here

These behavioral guidelines could be printed, laminated, and turned into activities before going on the field trip.  Cut and laminate enough and you could quietly tuck a broken rule into the name badge of a student that has been acting up to quietly bring them back into appropriate behaviors.  Hopefully you don't catch too many children not having fun!
But that's not all they can be used for, use your imagination and utilize them in your classroom however you deem appropriate.


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