Thursday, June 13, 2013

Out of Town

Did you miss me?  I took myself a little vacation to North Georgia with my aunt and daughter to see some interesting sites!  Day one took us to the Georgia Aquarium and The Varsity!

 My daughter fell in love with the beluga whale while I was caught off guard by the dolphin show involving singing and choreography!  Was not expecting that!  Though it did make it feel like I was at Disney. 
The next day, we really started north.. To Babyland General Hospital!

We watched three cabbage patch kids birthed from the cabbage patch.  My daughter even got to be the first one to hold one after they released it from the nursery room.  It was nifty, not my thing but I know someone who lives for it.  Plus, we had more traveling to do!  Upward and onward to the touristy fun town of Helen!

Really cute, glad to go and check it out.  Maybe next time we'll do the tubing or something (tubing not connected to the Bovarian-style architecture).  While they offered authentic dining options, the accuracy of the of the finished product could use some refining.  Still edible, but nothing like the real thing.  Now we didn't drive all the way up to come back the same day!  On to the LODGE!

Okay, so I didn't get a picture of the lodge.  Enjoy this shed instead.  We did venture back to town in search of a pharmacy so that I could purchase Cepacol for my yucky throat (which we found the pharmacy when we left Helen.. thank you residents and GPS).  
But our time in the lodge left us all beautifully rested up for our hiking adventure to see the beautiful Anna Ruby Falls!

Only three miles away from the lodge(ish) and a 3/4 mile hike up (and back) was the magnificent Anna Ruby Falls!  There were many butterflies, flowers, rock formations, beaver lodges, and more to see on our hike.  And we all stayed super safe to return back to my aunt's house.
Where I taught the cat to paint with water colors. The End!


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