Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spiritual Sunday

So yesterday I got an itch in me to paint. I had no clue what exactly I wanted to paint, all I knew was that I wanted to.  My friend, Liz, gave me a canvas and I just sat there with it for a while and then decided to create this:

I have no clue where I'll put it or who it is for, but I am really happy with the outcome.  When I was thinking of this, I was really thinking about hands set before a keyboard.  Not just saying "the world is at your fingertips" in the sense of the Internet, but more the possibilities that are open to us because of the Internet.  
The Internet really does open the world to us.  We can research and learn, earn college degrees, meet friends, experience other cultures.  Though those last two I'd rather go through real life experiences than the Internet.  
But even without the Internet, the world is still at your fingertips.  It is always only as far as you are willing to reach.  Even if you have to stretch on the tips of your toes, you can reach.  How far are you willing to stretch, to work to reach the world you want to live in? 
Some people don't ever expect to stretch, to reach what they want by only their fingertips. Some just open their hands out and expect life to fall in to it.  Hm, maybe this is time to cut the blog short before I start ranting.

Too late?


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