Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Working Out

I was never a big fan of working out when I was younger.  I don't think I really knew anyone who was.  We'd just run and play and that was cool with us.
Now I'm grown and everyone's working out in some way.  I've just got back into doing it after taking about a year break.  I was going to Curves and I enjoyed that.  Loop around the familiar equipment and get my monthly print out of my measurements.
Measurements are what I work out for.  I'm actually quite happy with my weight.  I have a good healthy number.  But these measurements, the toning, tightening the loose bits.  I love that.
Now I've started back on the workout thing with Edge.  Wasn't sure about it, still a bit nervous when I go in as I stop and read the instructions to every machine.  I'll become more familiar wit them in time, right now we're still in an awkward phase of getting to know one another.
My body is already showing positive change even though I've been going for a short bit of time.  I work out until parts of me become numb and then some.  The salty sweat trying to blind my eyes but don't let it stop you.
Only downside so far: I just want to sing and workout.  I still wear my headphones even if it puts me in danger of singing.
Going to the gym late Sunday with the goal of catching Devious Maids as I work out.  My body won't mind.


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