Monday, September 30, 2013


This weekend I brought home our classroom pet, two hamsters named Sam and Makayla. 

My daughter LOVES this.  The hamsters are amazing, they are awesome.  She has tried bribing me with candy to take them out of the cage during their down times.  "They are tired and they need to play in their ball mommy!"

Well good for them, it's almost dinner and I don't want them running around in their ball while we're eating.  They can run around and play when we're done.

"Makayla" in the ball because she's easy to pick out.

Sam never leaves the wheel.

Makayla tried to escape the ball on Saturday.  The lid got loose and she walked right out.  I looked down from my book to see a free-roaming hamster and picked her right back up.

Sunday was the hardest day with them.  We got back from WRCC and they did their usual, run run run run run in the wheel.  That clacking, oh that clacking got LOUD for some reason (found out they dropped the corn kernels they stuffed in their mouths which was rolls in their wheel with them).  Wake you up in the middle of the night kind of loud.

I love you hamsters but let's go back to school now.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Waiting For Their Prince

Last week's duel was between Nemuro Mikage and Takatsuki Shiori.   These two artfully fought for what seemed eternity until Shiori found Mikage's weak spot for Tokiko and Mamiya.  Black rose petals filled the air as Mikage fails to move  on to Round 3. 

Round 2, Duel 11:
Shinohara Wakaba versus Kaoru Kozue

Third duel of round two.   The best friend versus the twin sister.  Naiveté versus, well what's a nice way to put it... WHORE.  Both not willing to let go of people precious to them.  Tor Wakaba it's the vice president of the student council while for Kozue it's her twin brother.  Wakaba comes to this duel wielding Saionji's katana while Kozue utilizes Miki's épée; who will progress to Round 3?  

Friday, September 27, 2013


My daughter has been expressing curiosity in prayer for a while now.  Just the other night, she asked to pray before meal time.  
I think that it's quite nice that she has expressed interest and desire in it.  She doesn't pray because it's repetition or habit, but out of want and interest.  Not there is anything wrong with that, just not what I prefer for my daughter.  Or maybe she just wants it to stay up a minute or two later.  I'm still okay with that.
I think that it's also interesting that there is little research to find on religion and children that isn't swayed by opinion.  I guess we'll just role with it.  
We're trying hard to keep consistent with it and build the habit.  We'll get there in time.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


So, yeah.  I turned on the follower features and all that jazz.  Just to see.  And I have some followers now.  Waving at you guys.  I see you over there.  
I still love my friends and family loving and supporting my ramblings and such.
With working, I link to my blog posts throughout the day.  Blog gets updated and immediately posts to Google+, lunch break gets linkage posted to twitter, after work tumblr, home to Facebook.  Occasionally Pinterest might get linkage.  However you wish to catch my rambles is up to you.
I do wonder, what do you followers hope to see more of from this blog?  Let me know.  I'm open to whatever.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yesterday I finally did what I talked about for a long time.  I was on the teaching end of a teacher training.  How nice it was to be at classroom management and talk, share, laugh, and discuss with other teachers. It's a wonderful feeling to actually train instead of talking about training.
 We circled the chairs around the carpet as my other teacher and myself took turns discussing various techniques, educational theories, and approaches that we find to be successful.  We helped others to look at problem areas within their classrooms and what to do when nothing seems to work.
I covered most of the approaches to students; consistency, firm yet loving.  The importance of communication between everyone; from teacher to teacher, teacher to student, and teacher to parent.  Successful bonds between all of these people can lead to classroom successes. 
My other teacher fully covered into Conscious Discipline and Whole Brain Learning.  
We talked about where and how to fill out the appropriate paperwork to document severe behavioral concerns. 
We talked about our successes.  We talked about our down points.  And we talked about how we can grow and continue to improve ourselves as educators.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


How awesome is this? My daughter made this by herself while only singing the alphabet song to check which comes next.  Yes, I'm being super proud mommy right there and you'll have to get over it.  
Ww is on the back but there is no Nn.  Mostly because of how we sing the song.  LMNOP becomes a blur and we tend to lose a letter in the madness.  I try to sing that part out with my daughter but I'm not the only person singing the alphabet song with her.
I am glad that even when she sang it, she could remember W, X, Y, Z and not W, X, Y, and Z.  I don't sing the and with her.  Let's focus on the letters in the song. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

College Football

"Go Dawgs, Roll Tide!" my daughter cried out this weekend.
We don't even have cable.  The only sport that we really watch is soccer.  So where did this come from?
School.  Apparently they are doing something with it in school.
Not that I mind that one little bit.  Cheering for college football teams around young children is a great way to build their academic future.  This gives them the idea that people are excited about college and many times spurs the statement of "I'm going to go to that college when I grow up."
We want children to be excited about getting to college.  So Go Dawgs, Roll Tide, and all of that jazz.
For ideas of how to incorporate football into your classroom; visit Dr. Jean and Friends.

My favored teams if you must know them (in no particular order):

  • Alabama University
  • Air Force Academy
  • Washington Redskins
  • Manchester United (futbol)
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Brasil National Futbol Team
  • Germany National Futbol Team

Hmm... Someone snuck Atlanta Falcons into my favored teams on my ESPN app....  That shouldn't be there.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Elevator Confessions

Last week's duel was between Arisugawa Juri and Kiryuu Nanami.   Nanami was swiftly cut down by Juri's precision shortly after the duel dells rang.  Yellow rose petals filled the air as Nanami fails to move  on to Round 3. 

Round 2, Duel 10:
Nemuro Mikage versus Takatsuki Shiori

Second duel of round two.   While we noted the connection between Juri and Nanami in the first duel, these two have more in common than being simple Black Rose Duelists.  While Mikage is a professor with his own seminar building and Shiori is simply a student of Ohtori Academy; they both are manipulators.  Mikage manipulates the dark parts of the students' hearts to transform them into Black Rose Dueslists while Shiori manipulates people with her words to grasp a feeling of superiority over  Juri.  Shiori is brought to the duelist arena by Mikage just the same as Mikage is brought into the duelist arena by Akio.  Both are manipulators while being manipulated.  Mikage comes to this duel wielding his sabre while Shiori utilizes Juri's rapier; who will progress to Round 3?  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Dating Doesn't Work

Why dating doesn't work for you.  Yeah, you.  Just you.  Not the thousands of other people who find and begin succesful relationships.
Just you.
Part of it could be your unrealistic expectations.  
Does your dating desires sound like a craigslist ad?  That could be what's wrong here.
Dating isn't looking for "no one over size 10 between the ages of 18-25."  Sorry, the fact that no one on seems to falling head over to contact you for that might not be their fault.
And I see why there's "no one in this town."  Somehow your peers feel the same way.  You all have more in common than you like to see, unfortunately that would require you all to be less self-absorbed to actually notice something about someone else.
I honestly don't with you luck dating like that.  I wish you maturity.  I wish that you'd grow up.  Then I wish you luck in dating because then, you'll actually find something worthwhile. - Laughing at how your profile matches a craigslist ad I saw this morning.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Modge Podge Bucket

For maybe three or more years I've seen these cutesy buckets at the teacher stores.  From camouflage to ladybugs, they have all kinds of themes to them and they're, what? $30?
PFT!  To the dollar store!

Bwahaha!  Alright bucket, let's make you pretty.

I like the yellow top lip.  Let's try purple with it.

Hm, not sure how I feel about that shade.  Let's modge podge some scrapbook paper on there and see if it doesn't fix how I feel about it.
I'm not sure how I feel about that purple still...

Naw, toss on that top coat of modge podge and change that purple.

Much better!  Now off to take it to Open House for my daughter's teacher.  Every teacher wants a cute bucket.  Add some fabric bits and a touch more paint before we're done.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Korra's Behavior

Yes, we're back on Korra.  I can't help but to notice that the general consensus is that Korra was an angry monster these first two episodes.  It's no surprise to me, it's the personality of this character.
Why haven't we seen this behavior before then?  We have seen, frequently through Book 1.  Her personality was diluted with other factors; worry of Amon, self-doubt about mastering air-bending, self-consciousness as she began to experience romance for the first time.  These things and more helped us, the viewers, to see other sides of Korra's personality.  
But she is still VERY immature.  And you're right, she is.  She's also supposed to be 17 so she's going to act like an angry rage teenager demon like the rest of them. 
I'm not saying that I enjoyed it anymore than anyone else, but it makes sense for her character.  I think we're going to see her assertiveness retreat a bit after what her uncle did at the end of episode 2.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BOB Books

Proud mommy moment: my daughter read her bedtime story last night to my husband and myself!
She read The Jet by Lynn Maslen Kertell.  This book is Book 3 in the BOB Book Kindergarten Sight Word Set.

If you haven't started reading BOB Books with your child, they are a must!  We started at the beginning of pre-k with the letter sounds pack.  This summer we began reading the kindergarten sight words to her.  As she's been learning her sight words in kindergarten, I have been having her help me to read by her reading the sight words when we come across them.  Tonight, while her book only contained but a few of her sight words, she used inferential cues from the illustrations and beginning letter sounds of words to read the book independent of my or my husband's help.

I love BOB Books and I know that friends of mine that do too.  They really help to blossom early readers with a love for reading.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Friday was the season start for Legend of Korra and YAY!!  TWO EPISODES FOR ONE WEEK!  That being said; I FOUND A NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER!  I love Eska!

Oh Eska, she's the cool and collected Mai blended with the social awkwardness of Princess Azula.  It turns out into a truly beautiful thing.  

Yeah, other stuff happened in Legend of Korra...  But all I heard was Eska being awesome.

Kya finally appeared on screen with voice and Bumi spoke for more than a three second yell which was cool.   BUT ESKA:

I still love Lin Bei-Fong number one in the awesome of awesome department.  But you can't deny Eska.  In other news, I don't think anyone on the internet is actually happy with Korra herself.  Just focus on Eska.  

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Round 2, START!

Last week's duel was between Keroppon and Chiho Saito.   Keroppon, distracted by the failure of his rival to move on to the next round, also drops out of the tournament.  Shadow Girls dance against the sunlit wall as Chiho Saito moves on to Round 2. 

Round 2, Duel 9:
Arisugawa Juri versus Kiryuu Nanami

We've made it in to Round 2 of the duelist tournament.   Arisugawa Juri is a fierce yet elegant member of the student council.   Swift, strong, and calculating to the impulsive and reactive Nanami.  Interesting note: Nanami does not appear in the manga while Juri seems to take on Nanami's more antagonistic role in this absence.  Juri keeps her emotions hidden away while Nanami wears her heart on her sleeve.  Juri utilizing rapier while Nanami utilizes the scimitar and dagger; who will progress to Round 3?  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


So last night, I went with my daughter to Arby's.  She became very excited, leaned over to me, and whispered "That's Santa over there!  I've seen him before!  At Christmas, eating the cookies!"   I returned smile and whispered "Sh, let's keep his secret."
I worry about her going to school tomorrow and talking about seeing Santa.  Why do I worry about that?  I worry about her meeting that one kid.  You know the kid; the destroyer of dreams, the buzzkill: Reality.  I don't know if her class has that one kid.  Maybe we'll be lucky and she doesn't.  I'm not ready for my daughter to meet the kid who is going to tell her Santa isn't real.

Side note: Telling my daughter that Darth Vader is Luke's father before she gets to experience Star Wars for herself will upset me to the same level as telling her there is no Santa.

Flat Tire

Happy Thursday!  Flat tire fun.
Nothing like having to be at work to have a flat tire to.
Got everything out if the trunk (which refuses to keep itself open anymore).  Got the car jacked up (wait, which lever makes it go down again?).  Can't get the lug nuts to move (righty tighty, lefty loosey..).  Police officer pops in, have at those bad boys (she couldn't get them to move either).  Random gentlemen appears (why are the lug nuts moving for him?).  Change tire (throw flat and everything else in my trunk that STILL won't keep open).
I'm gonna wash my hands now. 

And still made it in plenty of time to work.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Season 2 of The Legend of Korra starts this Friday.
I'm seriously excited for this.  The first season was an amazing piece of work.  From the scripting to the animation, it was an amazing animation experience.
I don't know what to expect from this second season.  The Korra team was told they'd only have 12 episodes and they seriously made the best of it.  Now we've got two more seasons coming so we'll see if they can keep the quality as high as the bar they've set for themselves.

Side notes:
Kyoshi is my favorite Avatar.
Lin Bei-Fong is my favorite character from Korra.
I'm hoping to see more of Bumi and Kya this season.
OMG! We're going to meet the FIRST Avatar?!

In the meantime, watch THIS!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Convention Costumes

At the end of this month, there's a convention here in town.  I thought I knew what I wanted to wear but now I've changed my mind.  I've changed my mind to undecided once again!

I was thinking that I'd wear this Harley Quinn costume that I bought over the summer (big $5 costume sale, it was beautiful).  

OR I could assemble up a super cute Franken-outfit.

OR I could class it up in style.

OR an unconventional conventionist.

OR baby doll Lolita.

OR the cyber rave girl.

Sooooo........  I'm asking for your assistance in this matter.  Suggest as you will on which you think.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Kindergarten Update

So last we left off, kindergarten was pretty rough.  We had the note about my daughter and two finger spacing, we've also been through two parent teacher conferences now.
I think we're sailing into smoother waters now.  We had nothing but green smileys come home in her agenda last week.  Her homework also has lightened into activities that aren't all worksheets either.
Last week we made number flash cards 1-20 and then later in the week we played More and Less.  She has a plush lobster that we needed to eat the number that was more, partway through the game he gets full and only wants to eat the number that is less.  
Yay!  We're not stressing kindergarten anymore!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A New Rival

Last week's duel was between Chu-chu and Kunihiko Ikuhara.   Chu-chu gave his all to fight for the Rose Bride but could not win over the symbolism shooting out of every point of Ikuhara's body.  A lonely banana peel lies on the floor of the duelist arena as Chu-chu fails to move on to the next round. 

Round 1, Duel 8:
Keroppon versus Chiho Saito

Yes, our final two brackets are the INSANE-O CRAZY DUELS!!!  Keroppon is the odd doodle Shiori scribbled on Touga's back in the movie.  We discover in the director's commentary of the movie that Keroppon is Chu-chu's rival.  Keroppon's mouth can enlarge to scary sizes and also assisted in killing the Nanami cow.  Chiho Saito is the manga artist for Revolutionary Girl Utena.  Chiho Saito's other works surround themselves in women wielding swords with very French tones.  Who will progress to Round 2?

Friday, September 6, 2013


This weekend actually has a number of amazing things going on.  If you aren't already busy, look into these:

Take your little pirate or princess to the aquarium for free! :)

Educator Appreciation Day at Zoo Atlanta!  Educator's get in free, plus one
discounted ticket of one guest.  Also lots of free materials, give aways, and discount
coupon for food and gift shop.

MomoCon Game Festival (free admission and also in Atlanta)

Grandparents Day
Celebrate your grandparents or do something cutesy with your little ones to send to their grandparents!

There are lots of things to do this weekend so get out there and DO SOMETHING!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Email 12/31/69

Back in June, I noticed this weird email in my inbox:

See that (No Sender)?  Now look at the date. 
Whoa!  I didn't open it or touch it or anything assuming virus.  Later that day it was gone and I forgot all about it until I got another one.

Really (No Sender) from '69?  Someone really wants to get a hold of me from the past or future.  Then the email was gone from my inbox almost as quickly as it popped in there.  
To the Google!  
Well bust my bubble, the email is just an iPhone 4 glitch.  That's okay.  Since I've been bit with the creepypasta bug, I'm playing around with a small fictional nonsense bit about the email that shouldn't be.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thirsty Thirty

My husband turned thirty years old today!

My husband went and got his hair cut.  My daughter surprised him with a new wallet.  I gathered some of the coolest people I know to celebrate Saturday night with him.  Some super awesome kids got his computer up to speed.  Spent all weekend with cool friends and family.  
Now we're actually on his birthday.  I wish I could adorn his work chair with streamers and 30s to extra celebrate.  Maybe one of his awesome coworkers will bust that out for him tomorrow.  I think it's awesome when coworkers do that kind of stuff for one another.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No Post

It's true, it's true!  I didn't post anything yesterday.  Am I sick?  Am I running low on material?  
Nope, just leaving empty space in observance of the holiday.  For all of you that run out of town for the holidays, take Internet breaks on the holiday, or whatever your holiday ritual is.. Well, you won't be missing anything because I won't be posting anything.  
I know, I know.  I posted on the last holiday.  That was also my second month of returning to blogging so back off angry mob.  
Some holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas I might take a longer break.  And maybe my birthday too.  Maybe.  We'll see!