Saturday, September 14, 2013

Round 2, START!

Last week's duel was between Keroppon and Chiho Saito.   Keroppon, distracted by the failure of his rival to move on to the next round, also drops out of the tournament.  Shadow Girls dance against the sunlit wall as Chiho Saito moves on to Round 2. 

Round 2, Duel 9:
Arisugawa Juri versus Kiryuu Nanami

We've made it in to Round 2 of the duelist tournament.   Arisugawa Juri is a fierce yet elegant member of the student council.   Swift, strong, and calculating to the impulsive and reactive Nanami.  Interesting note: Nanami does not appear in the manga while Juri seems to take on Nanami's more antagonistic role in this absence.  Juri keeps her emotions hidden away while Nanami wears her heart on her sleeve.  Juri utilizing rapier while Nanami utilizes the scimitar and dagger; who will progress to Round 3?  


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