Saturday, September 21, 2013

Elevator Confessions

Last week's duel was between Arisugawa Juri and Kiryuu Nanami.   Nanami was swiftly cut down by Juri's precision shortly after the duel dells rang.  Yellow rose petals filled the air as Nanami fails to move  on to Round 3. 

Round 2, Duel 10:
Nemuro Mikage versus Takatsuki Shiori

Second duel of round two.   While we noted the connection between Juri and Nanami in the first duel, these two have more in common than being simple Black Rose Duelists.  While Mikage is a professor with his own seminar building and Shiori is simply a student of Ohtori Academy; they both are manipulators.  Mikage manipulates the dark parts of the students' hearts to transform them into Black Rose Dueslists while Shiori manipulates people with her words to grasp a feeling of superiority over  Juri.  Shiori is brought to the duelist arena by Mikage just the same as Mikage is brought into the duelist arena by Akio.  Both are manipulators while being manipulated.  Mikage comes to this duel wielding his sabre while Shiori utilizes Juri's rapier; who will progress to Round 3?  


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