Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Dating Doesn't Work

Why dating doesn't work for you.  Yeah, you.  Just you.  Not the thousands of other people who find and begin succesful relationships.
Just you.
Part of it could be your unrealistic expectations.  
Does your dating desires sound like a craigslist ad?  That could be what's wrong here.
Dating isn't looking for "no one over size 10 between the ages of 18-25."  Sorry, the fact that no one on seems to falling head over to contact you for that might not be their fault.
And I see why there's "no one in this town."  Somehow your peers feel the same way.  You all have more in common than you like to see, unfortunately that would require you all to be less self-absorbed to actually notice something about someone else.
I honestly don't with you luck dating like that.  I wish you maturity.  I wish that you'd grow up.  Then I wish you luck in dating because then, you'll actually find something worthwhile. - Laughing at how your profile matches a craigslist ad I saw this morning.


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