Monday, September 30, 2013


This weekend I brought home our classroom pet, two hamsters named Sam and Makayla. 

My daughter LOVES this.  The hamsters are amazing, they are awesome.  She has tried bribing me with candy to take them out of the cage during their down times.  "They are tired and they need to play in their ball mommy!"

Well good for them, it's almost dinner and I don't want them running around in their ball while we're eating.  They can run around and play when we're done.

"Makayla" in the ball because she's easy to pick out.

Sam never leaves the wheel.

Makayla tried to escape the ball on Saturday.  The lid got loose and she walked right out.  I looked down from my book to see a free-roaming hamster and picked her right back up.

Sunday was the hardest day with them.  We got back from WRCC and they did their usual, run run run run run in the wheel.  That clacking, oh that clacking got LOUD for some reason (found out they dropped the corn kernels they stuffed in their mouths which was rolls in their wheel with them).  Wake you up in the middle of the night kind of loud.

I love you hamsters but let's go back to school now.


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