Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Korra's Behavior

Yes, we're back on Korra.  I can't help but to notice that the general consensus is that Korra was an angry monster these first two episodes.  It's no surprise to me, it's the personality of this character.
Why haven't we seen this behavior before then?  We have seen, frequently through Book 1.  Her personality was diluted with other factors; worry of Amon, self-doubt about mastering air-bending, self-consciousness as she began to experience romance for the first time.  These things and more helped us, the viewers, to see other sides of Korra's personality.  
But she is still VERY immature.  And you're right, she is.  She's also supposed to be 17 so she's going to act like an angry rage teenager demon like the rest of them. 
I'm not saying that I enjoyed it anymore than anyone else, but it makes sense for her character.  I think we're going to see her assertiveness retreat a bit after what her uncle did at the end of episode 2.  


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