Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BOB Books

Proud mommy moment: my daughter read her bedtime story last night to my husband and myself!
She read The Jet by Lynn Maslen Kertell.  This book is Book 3 in the BOB Book Kindergarten Sight Word Set.

If you haven't started reading BOB Books with your child, they are a must!  We started at the beginning of pre-k with the letter sounds pack.  This summer we began reading the kindergarten sight words to her.  As she's been learning her sight words in kindergarten, I have been having her help me to read by her reading the sight words when we come across them.  Tonight, while her book only contained but a few of her sight words, she used inferential cues from the illustrations and beginning letter sounds of words to read the book independent of my or my husband's help.

I love BOB Books and I know that friends of mine that do too.  They really help to blossom early readers with a love for reading.


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