Thursday, September 19, 2013

Modge Podge Bucket

For maybe three or more years I've seen these cutesy buckets at the teacher stores.  From camouflage to ladybugs, they have all kinds of themes to them and they're, what? $30?
PFT!  To the dollar store!

Bwahaha!  Alright bucket, let's make you pretty.

I like the yellow top lip.  Let's try purple with it.

Hm, not sure how I feel about that shade.  Let's modge podge some scrapbook paper on there and see if it doesn't fix how I feel about it.
I'm not sure how I feel about that purple still...

Naw, toss on that top coat of modge podge and change that purple.

Much better!  Now off to take it to Open House for my daughter's teacher.  Every teacher wants a cute bucket.  Add some fabric bits and a touch more paint before we're done.


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