Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Convention Costumes

At the end of this month, there's a convention here in town.  I thought I knew what I wanted to wear but now I've changed my mind.  I've changed my mind to undecided once again!

I was thinking that I'd wear this Harley Quinn costume that I bought over the summer (big $5 costume sale, it was beautiful).  

OR I could assemble up a super cute Franken-outfit.

OR I could class it up in style.

OR an unconventional conventionist.

OR baby doll Lolita.

OR the cyber rave girl.

Sooooo........  I'm asking for your assistance in this matter.  Suggest as you will on which you think.


Virginia Bell said...

I am hopelessly partial to Gothic Lolita, but Babydoll Lolita is awesomesace as well.

Megan Pope said...

I haven't anything prepared for a gothic lolita but might could pull something with the zombie shoes in that direction.

Virginia Bell said...

If we were closer, I have the perfect shoes.


I haven't worn them since I can't remember when, because I have nothing whatsoever to wear them WITH at this point. You could totally rock them!

Megan Pope said...

If we were closer to one another, we could totally rock out some awesome outfits together!
They look stunning, I love the red stitch.

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