Saturday, September 28, 2013

Waiting For Their Prince

Last week's duel was between Nemuro Mikage and Takatsuki Shiori.   These two artfully fought for what seemed eternity until Shiori found Mikage's weak spot for Tokiko and Mamiya.  Black rose petals filled the air as Mikage fails to move  on to Round 3. 

Round 2, Duel 11:
Shinohara Wakaba versus Kaoru Kozue

Third duel of round two.   The best friend versus the twin sister.  Naiveté versus, well what's a nice way to put it... WHORE.  Both not willing to let go of people precious to them.  Tor Wakaba it's the vice president of the student council while for Kozue it's her twin brother.  Wakaba comes to this duel wielding Saionji's katana while Kozue utilizes Miki's épée; who will progress to Round 3?  


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