Monday, September 16, 2013


Friday was the season start for Legend of Korra and YAY!!  TWO EPISODES FOR ONE WEEK!  That being said; I FOUND A NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER!  I love Eska!

Oh Eska, she's the cool and collected Mai blended with the social awkwardness of Princess Azula.  It turns out into a truly beautiful thing.  

Yeah, other stuff happened in Legend of Korra...  But all I heard was Eska being awesome.

Kya finally appeared on screen with voice and Bumi spoke for more than a three second yell which was cool.   BUT ESKA:

I still love Lin Bei-Fong number one in the awesome of awesome department.  But you can't deny Eska.  In other news, I don't think anyone on the internet is actually happy with Korra herself.  Just focus on Eska.  


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