Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yesterday I finally did what I talked about for a long time.  I was on the teaching end of a teacher training.  How nice it was to be at classroom management and talk, share, laugh, and discuss with other teachers. It's a wonderful feeling to actually train instead of talking about training.
 We circled the chairs around the carpet as my other teacher and myself took turns discussing various techniques, educational theories, and approaches that we find to be successful.  We helped others to look at problem areas within their classrooms and what to do when nothing seems to work.
I covered most of the approaches to students; consistency, firm yet loving.  The importance of communication between everyone; from teacher to teacher, teacher to student, and teacher to parent.  Successful bonds between all of these people can lead to classroom successes. 
My other teacher fully covered into Conscious Discipline and Whole Brain Learning.  
We talked about where and how to fill out the appropriate paperwork to document severe behavioral concerns. 
We talked about our successes.  We talked about our down points.  And we talked about how we can grow and continue to improve ourselves as educators.


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