Monday, June 3, 2013

You Can Be Anything

So last night, my daughter asked me if she could be a reindeer when she grows up.  I responded with the fairly common response of "you can be anything you want to be" which excited her to ask if she could be a doctor or a bunny.  Hey, the world needs those so why not try and be it if you want to be.
Then today hit and I read this which made me doubt my actions for a moment and then I realized, no.  If my daughter wants to be a reindeer, I'll let her try.  I'll let her imagine.  I'll let her believe in herself and in her own abilities.  She's five, who am I to tell her that she can't be a reindeer?  I don't know what the future holds, maybe she'll become a deer wrangler or something in Alaska.  Maybe she'll open up a transportation service under the company name of Reindeer Shuttles.
I'm all about raising her within the realms of reality, but how far can she really go without inspiration, imagination, and restraints?  If I were to tell her "no, you can't be a reindeer" then would she have made that next jump to doctor?  Maybe she won't grow up to be a doctor.  I don't know what she'll be in fifteen-twenty years, but if it's being a reindeer then good for her.  How many of us actually grew up to become what we wanted to when we were five?  I didn't even grow up to be what I thought I wanted to be fifteen years ago or I'd be working for the National Security Agency as depicted in Enemy of the State (starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman).
So cheers to being a reindeer when you grow up, or whatever your mind and abilities take you to.


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