Saturday, June 29, 2013

International Mud Day!

Happy International Mud Day!  For anyone looking for some good activities to celebrate, Growing A Jeweled Rose has a long list of ideas.
We've had a fun Mud Day so far.  Our lunch of beef tips and mashed potatoes looked like a mud plate which gave my daughter a case of the giggles.  After lunch, we began our mud play.

Where's the mud?  Being cleaned off.  Our outdoor sensory table had been taken over by mud and leaves so we cleaned it all up.  We got wet.  We got covered in soap.  And then we stopped because GAH! mosquitoes.  

Now I'm off to make clock cues for my daughter because, while we keep a consistent routine, she understands what happens next but we're working on the wait in between. For example, lunch is over and snack will happen at 2 but she'll ask for snack twenty minutes after lunch. I think at the age of 5 we can start building these time recognitions and letting her help to keep routine.  


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