Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coffee and Canvas

So tonight I tried one of those canvas painting classes to see what it was all about.  I had some awesome people join me for the experience just in case it was horrible, we at least had each other.  Overall, I had a good time.  My friends made some beautiful pieces, and then there's mine:

I think that I have to admit, I prefer to paint a canvas of my own design than being told what to paint. I'm debating making some tweaks of printing some song lyrics over it.  Or I'll pull out my own canvas and start with a lyric base and go from there.  Definitely an improvement over the last painting I saw of mine that had flowers and a vase which I think I did in third grade.  My daughter loves it. Or in her words: "Is it a.. A ladybug?"
I love how she asked what it is as though my picture was unclear of what it could be.  
I think that this piece should go to my parents to partner with my last painting of flowers in a vase.  It feels right for them to be together like that. 


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