Friday, May 31, 2013

May is OVER

Marvelous May? May Flowers? Whatever, it's been busy!  The beginning on the month was the rush of Field Days and Spring Flings and last day of school (pre-k got out ten days early so my daughter and myself have had extra time to enjoy summer). Once school let out, I made a calendar of possible activities for us to enjoy with our summer time.

Hey, we only missed on doing two things, that's pretty impressive I think. Oh, scratch off the Tour Lane Packing for today. We rocked that!

Oh!  And I totally had a Scentsy party this month.  It closes out tomorrow so, if you want anything go here, select my name, and buy some Scentsy.
Will I hit all of the items next month? Maybe, family picnic is on next month's calendar and my husband isn't entirely fond of the who picnic idea.  Maybe I should keep up the calendar thing through the school year too. We'll see how that works out for me or not. I do like to plan things out.  
I need to nap now. 


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