Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Queen of Cups

Okay, so let's go ahead and clear this out of the water. Why call the blog Queen of Cups? I did think about going back to my old blog title of "Silent Siren" so why the change? Well, "Silent Siren" was the name of my blog from ten years ago. Ten years.  Not that "Silent Siren" does not mean anything to me now or that I've detached from it, that is not true.  I just felt that in creating a new blog that it should receive a new title, not recycling from something I've already used.
So on from "Silent Siren" and back to "Queen of Cups."  It's a card title much like "Queen of Hearts" but more commonly seen in card decks from Italy, Spain, and tarot.  The tarot meaning of the card (in simplest terms grabbed from wikipedia):
"The card depicts a mature woman of fair-complexion and golden hair who holds a lidded cup. She is described as a model of a loving virtue, one who is purer of heart than most, a loving mother and a loyal friend. The inverted card may warn the querent of a false lover or a deceitful friend or companion who pretends to be of a pure heart but is treacherous and manipulative.
While I do enjoy changing my hair color back and forth, I do feel the meanings of this card are reflective of myself.  I don't know about the purer heart than most but I do love my daughter very much and every child that enters my classroom.  I love and support my friends openly.  Maybe I'm wrong, you're welcome to interpret it as you think it might be so.
Once again, we return back to why will this be called "Queen of Cups" and the answer is simply this: because it is catchier than "Megan Wants to Blog Again."


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