Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Wreath (Crafting is Not For the Weak)

This summer I made up a calendar of things to do. We've gone on field trips, played in the sprinkler, and we've made some crafts. Oh, the crafts..  How hard can crafting be? Let's look at today's craft: a summer wreath.
First, I took down a noodle from the water wall, hot glued a dowel rod in the openings then duct taped it into a circular form (for a how to on this, visit here).
Then began the yarning of the noodle.  I twisted and knotted and spun and wove.  "This will look nice, summery, and cover the noodle," I thought as I doomed myself to more work than necessary.  (I used a chinese staircase wrap, how to is here but you can really use any style wrapping that you prefer).
It was about here that I started hating what I was doing while my daughter gave up watching me to go play teacher instead.  So much noodle to cover!

After an hour and twenty minutes, we see it is only half done. Half done. Not how long I intended to be making a wreath today.  Well, lunch pause for beef stew and then let's knock this out!
And the joys of getting caught and tangled in the process. I just want you to be pretty! Stop fighting me on this!  Release me so that I might complete my task!
About here your arms start asking you if you're done yet. You lie to tell, telling them you're almost done but you know after it taking an hour and twenty minutes to make it go halfway around that they really have probably 45 minutes to an hour left of work. They don't know that, keep lying to them.
Then you finish wrapping it as the last ten minutes of wrapping your daughter has come to cheer you on "Do it, mommy!"  And I did. I finished what I set out to so today.
Throw on some tiny umbrellas and you did it! Maybe you'll take it down later and make it look even better but for now, you've accomplished your craft. Reward yourself with a nap.


Virginia Bell said...

omg... I would never do a knotted wrap. Not nearly enough patience or time. Maybe if the yarn was huge!! It is pretty, though.

Ms. Megan said...

Yes, I put myself through that mess. I've seen a really neat wrapping where you use the crochet hook to give it an even larger knot to it. I figured that was too time consuming so I did it without... Yeah........

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