Saturday, November 2, 2013

Azure Paler Than The Blue Sky

Last week's duel was between Kunihiko Ikuhara and Kaoru Kozue.  We won't talk about by what means exactly Kozue through Ikuhara off his guard...  The bells toll as the duel concluded as Kunihiko Ikuhara fails to move to Round 4. 

Round 4, Duel 14:

We interrupt the previously scheduled duel to bring you another new opponent to the circuit!   
Arisugawa Juri versus Tsuchiya Ruka  

Our fencing club captain champion is facing off against the fencing club captain?!  That's right, Ruka is the real club captain while Juri is only acting captain while Ruka has been out on sick leave.  Will Ruka's illness give Juri the advantage?  Or will his superior abilities earn him the win?  Who will move on to Round 5?


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