Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday

Since she became my mother-in-law, we've spent every Friday after Thanksgiving participating in the Black Friday sales.  I look forward to the hours we spend together shopping and talking.
Yes, we're going shopping on Thanksgiving.  We've already got our cooking and shopping plan in place so that we can have a wonderful time together.
I believe in family and tradition, Black Friday is part of that.  
But Black Friday is more than shopping for me as well.  Yes, I spend all morning with one of the most amazing women in my life but my day doesn't stop once the shopping is done.
The remainder of Black Friday is when I get to start decorating for Christmas.  Night Before Christmas comes on the television (because I think watching it between Halloween and Christmas is the perfect time for it), the Christmas tree finds a home, wreaths come out, lights are hung.  The magic of Christmas fills our house the rest of Black Friday.
Why not start decorating sooner?  My husband is not a fan of my love for decorating but part of our compromise is to keep holidays separate.  That's how I took Black Friday as my day to bring Christmas decor in our home.
And I love every minute, from the 2 am shopping to the 4 pm decorating.


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