Wednesday, November 27, 2013


CD-SS2 – The child will demonstrate an understanding of his/her community and an emerging awareness of others’ cultures and ethnicity.
CD-SS2.4a Identifies and follows rules of the classroom community and displays competence in engaging in appropriate social behavior.
WSO: Demonstrates awareness of rules.
 Activities: Taboo.  Have a taboo buzzer from the Taboo board game.  Teachers act out scenarios and when one doesn't behave appropriately or breaks a classroom rule, students may buzz the teacher.
Fix It.  Using scenario pictures, teacher explains what is happening to students.  If a student can fix it, they pick up a plastic tool to tap at the picture as they explain the appropriate behaviors that could fix the situation.
What If.  Students make a class book of what would happen if we didn't follow rules or act appropriately.
Books: We Share Everything by Robert Munsch
One Bear in the Picture by Caroline Bucknall
Don't Eat the Teacher by Nick Ward


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