Wednesday, November 20, 2013


CD-SC1 – The child will demonstrate scientific inquiry skills.
CD-SC1.4b Uses simple tools correctly to experiment, observe and increase understanding.
WSO: Uses senses and simple tools to explore solutions to problems.
Activities:  Magnetic Experimentation.  In an ice cube tray, place various objects in each separate slot (cotton ball in one, paper clip in another for example).  Students will use magnets to identify which objects are magnetic and which are not.

Magnifying Pictures.  Take pictures of students and shrink them to smaller sizes on your computer.  Print the small sized pictures for students to use magnifying glasses to see themselves in the pictures.
Colorful Explosions.  Fill cookie tray with baking soda.  In small cups, have vinegar with food coloring and pipettes.  Children use pipettes to drop vinegar into baking soda for very visual results.  This activity can also exercise students fine motor skills.
Books: I Spy (use with magnifying glass)
What Magnets Can Do by Allan Fowler
I Use Science Tools by Kelli Hicks


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