Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Movies in Review

So we went through our list this past month watching old movies and new.  Some movies are welcome to return to the list while others will not.  Here's a review of the movies from this past month.
1) Drag Me To Hell 
I hadn't seen this before.  I think seeing this once was good enough for me.  
2) Ghostbusters
3) Ghostbusters 2 
These two will always be welcome in our home and to the October list.
4) Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School
Maybe until my daughter is 8 or 10 and then we'll move to Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost
5) Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
I love this movie so bad.
6) Casper’s Scare School 
No thanks.  It was kid-friendly and in netflix instant.
7) Insidious 
No thank you. This could have been so much better than what it actually was.  And it got a sequel?
8) Frightners
I loved it!  I don't know how I hadn't seen this movie before.  It might not be a regular in the list but is welcome back anytime.
9) Apartment 143
No.  This one is not welcome back.  Try harder next time.
10) In the Mouth of Madness 
Wow.  Going to have to make it a point to watch the Apocalypse saga from start to end.
11) Addams Family 
12) Addams Family Values
Always welcome additions to the Octover list.
13) Dead Alive 
Wwwwhhhhaaaaaattt did I just watch?  That was an interesting watch but I don't think I'll be doing that again soon.
14) John Dies At the End
Wow.  Truly deep and insightful while just plain awesome.  Come on back to October movie list any time my friend.
15) Rocky Horror Picture Show
Always loved by me if no one else.
16) The Dead Zone
Probably.  Fell asleep during this one.  I tried.  Better luck next year.
17) Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Some of the shots in this movie were gorgeous!  The colors were brilliant!  But, this is a movie list not a photography critique.  
18) Slither
Yay!  Come back to October again!  You were quite fun and enjoyable.
19) Evil Dead 
Maybe I'll get around to watching the new one next year.
20) A Monster in Paris
Adorable family movie with some beautiful songs.  I won't search it out but if it is in Netflix instant I will.
21) The Final
Not what I was thinking.  For some reason I thought this was a Japanese film?  Japanese could've done it better.
22) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Or just do your own thing.. No return invitation for you.
23) My Babysitter's A Vampire
Oh you are welcome back any time you wish to enter this house you family movie of Twilight mockery.
24) Trick R Treat
A must! Will always have to be part of the list.  
25) Resident Evil: Damnation
Okay. Good to have checked off and seen.  Moving on.
26) Hocus Pocus
Yes!  Again and again and again!
27) Bag of Bones
Wait, what?  Stephen King what did you just do to me?
28) The Amityville Horror
Yay yay yayyayyay!  This movie is just TOO good.  Ryan Reynolds, wonderful performance.
29) The Human Centipede 2
Well, I stuck with this on the list just to watch it for the pure curiosity of "how bad is this really."  Pretty bad.  Pretty bad.  You're not welcome here anymore. GO AWAY!
30) Pet Semetary
Oldie but a goodie.
31) American Psycho
Post office jacked up one week not mailing back my netflix for two days which really put us off so I'll be watching this one tonight.


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