Friday, November 8, 2013

Sensory Tables

Sensory table, science table, feely table, sand and water table, sensory bin, sensory bucket.  The table might be called different things but it function the same.  This table allows for your child to experience sensorial play.  The two most common items put into these tables are.. sand and water.
There are MANY ideas of other items to put in the table, but I'm going to cover today what I like to put into the classroom sensory table and why.

Alphabet Noodles 
I like to start the school year with these. They're small enough to sift and pour while the letter shapes help set that back-to-school tone.

Instant Apple Oatmeal
This one often gets me odd looks but let me note: just put in the dry ingredients!  Do not cook it or add water or any of that.  I put this in during the month of September (Johnny Appleseed's birthday and all).  Not only is it fun to run your fingers through but it smells nice too.

I never buy mine.  I use really bold and pretty colors for the paperwork that my parents fill out for the classroom.  Our confetti is just the pretty paper from the shredder.  Yup, I shred the previous year's and then I let the kids destroy it even more!

This comes out in November.  Why?  Well, it doesn't come out alone...  It also gets dinosaurs in it!  The dinosaurs and sand come out to play in the sensory table!  Add some small rocks and you can get pictoral documentation of students exploring sand and rocks for WSO.

I love coffee and hot chocolate in the winter months.  This is another one that's not only fun to run your fingers through, but to smell as well.  Make sure that you're using ground coffee to allow for sifting and pouring.  If the smell of coffee bothers you, try the instant hot chocolate dry ingredients.

Soapy Water 
I like for this to be out in January.  A fresh and clean start to the new year.  You can still sift and pour but you can also add in bubble wands for extra fun!  Note: use tear-free baby shampoo.

Some nice soft-toned glitter with a touch of heart confetti in the mix make for a fun February tub to me!

Colored Rice 
Believe it or not, people PAY for this.  Companies sell this rice for six to ten dollars a pound!  There are tutorials all over the internet for making this yourself.  A fun springtime treat in March.

Not to be confused with dirt.  Soil is more moist to the touch.  Dirt is dry which means it will carry around in the air and coat your classroom in what looks like a brown layer of dust.

Last month of school.  We're almost to summer.  Let's get out and go!


An aerator and some nets, these can be quite fun for a week or two.  

Grass Seeds 
With a spray bottle of water by the table, these will actually start sprouting after a week or so! 

Deer Corn
Why does deer corn beat over regular corn in the sensory table?  These are LARGER which means easier on the clean up.

Ideas That Fail
Cornstarch and water.  It is a PAIN to get out of a regular container, why would you fill a whole table full?  Not to mention that it actually starts to smell after a couple of days.

Hair Gel
Maybe it was because the heater was on because I tried this during the winter months but it kept drying out.  Plus sticky residue yuck.  

Marbles, Buttons, or Googly Eyes
I don't do them but that might have to do with I don't like the idea of giving any extra access to things that can be stuffed into noses and ears than I already have to.

Shaving Cream
You seriously have to replenish it every day.  It dries out not too long after you stop playing with it.

Scrap Paper
With scissors.  Because there's always that ONE kid...

 Check out Growing a Jeweled Rose for many more ideas.


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