Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friends' Fandoms

Like I mentioned before, I've made some really cool internet friends because of fandom.
But what about all of my other friends?
They have their fandom obsessions same as I do.  Be it Harry Potter or something else.  We don't alienate each other because of our difference in fanfoms.  We actually still include each other in fan discussions or open our fan feelings with each other.
We can understand the feeling that what we're talking about means to the other and the impact it's made on our lives.
We also look for opportunities to share information related to another's fandom to the other.  That's one of my favorite parts about having separate fandom interests in a friendship.  Anything you stumble upon the internet that's related to their fandom, you share at any opportunity.
My friends quickly post Disney items on my wall which I love.  I think it's nice that they understand those are things that I love and would love to know more about.
I love this with my friends, because then it can lead to awesome gems like this:


Virginia Bell said...

This made me giggle, simply because I love Harry Potter. One day I am going to read the Hunger Games.

Megan Pope said...

I have them and the audiobooks if you'd ever like to borrow either. :)

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