Saturday, November 9, 2013

The One Who Will Revolutionize the World

Last week's duel was between Arisugawa Juri and Tshuchiya Ruka.  Juri's never won a duel against Ruka, but something must have fueled her fire last week.   That or Ruka's illness was hindering him more than we now.  Or was it Ruka's love for Juri?  Blue petals were splayed into the cool autumn wind as Ruka failed to take a place in the tournament. 

Round 5, Duel 15:  
Arisugawa Juri versus Kaoru Kozue 

The powerful lion versus the sultry tiger.  Rapier versus épée.  The drive to disprove the power of miracles against keeping family close.  A student council duelists against a black rose duelist.  Who shall be the one to move forward to End of the World?


Arisugawa Juri versus Kaoru Kozue free polls 


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