Wednesday, November 13, 2013


CD-MA1 – The child will organize, represent and build knowledge of number and quantity.
CD-MA1.4a Recites numbers up to 20 in sequence.
WSO: Counts with understanding. 
Activities: Hopscotch. Have students to count as they hop from space to space.

Number Mascot.  This can be a fun game to use before dismissing students to centers or outside time or what-have-you.  You have an adorable monster poster on the wall (or cat or whatever mascot you'd like).  Before the kids can play, they must feed their number mascot with numbers.  You can start low at the beginning of the school year (1-5) and work your way up as your students begin to demonstrate competency.  When you reach your end number, the mascot (you and your students) can roar or meow or what-have-you as their cue to be dismissed.

Recipes.  Most classroom recipes that you are making with your students probably require stirring at some point.  But for how long should you stir it for?  Okay, we might actually know for how long but make it something that the kids can help out with.  "The recipe says that we have to stir it for twenty seconds.  Let's count it out; one, two, three...."  

Books: Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 by Bill Martin Jr.
Ants at a Picnic by Mary Margaret 
Let's Count Critters, 1-20 by Caolan Madden


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