Thursday, November 7, 2013

Writing Prompt: Your Town

The One-Minute Writer

As many of you know, I was not originally from here.  Both of my parents were military giving me the access to living and visiting various towns and cities.  We'd live in places for a year to three years depending.  My mother's father was military so she had moved around during her childhood as well.  Her father retired in Warner Robins and she entered the military moving away from it.  She opted for the duty station of Warner Robins to return back to her mother.
Once we reached Warner Robins, my brother was just finished elementary school and I was at the end of middle school preparing to enter high school.  Our mother approached us one night and asked our opinion of a matter.  She had two options; to retire and stay in Warner Robins or to keep going and we move again.
My brother and I had moved so much during our upbringing that the idea of staying in one place enticed us. So my mother retired and we have stayed in Warner Robins since then.

But now I'm grown, what keeps me here?  My husband.
My husband is VERY attached to his family.  Any time that I bring up the idea of moving elsewhere, that's his number one reason to stay.  He doesn't want to be far from his family.
I don't talk about moving out of state or anything either so it isn't as though we'd be that terribly far from his family if we did.
I guess Warner Robins it is then.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving your supportive comment on my blog. Just like with you, my spouse is the main reason I stay where I am (a city called Yangsan, just north of Busan in South Korea). She doesn't want to move far from her family, either.

Anyway, I'll be watching for your responses to future prompts as well!

Megan Pope said...

You're more than welcome.
Is military what brought you there or do you teach?

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