Friday, November 29, 2013

You Aren't Perfect

Disclaimer: I'm not perfect.

Holy wow, we're at the pissiest time of the year now.  I've seen way more soapbox rants than I care to trying to make everyone feel horrible about their holiday decisions.
Guess what?  We're all horrible people.
In some way, shape, or form you are not perfect.  You somehow have committed some holiday offense.  So get off your soapbox and deal with that fact that some of us will shop.  Some of us set up Christmas lights November 1.  Some of us will not take down our trees December 26.  Some of us will not be spending time with our families.  Some of us won't even be calling our family members.  Some of us will choose to play Elf on the Shelf.  
Don't judge me.  I won't judge you.  Shut up, and let's all be thankful that we have the option to celebrate in our own fashion.
Unless that's your own holiday tradition; pissing on the traditions of other people.  Which then by all means, open yourself up to having the same done back at you. 


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